Yesterday saw the launch of a new poetry competition. The age range is 13 to 17, for original poetry on the subject of ‘Man and Nature’, with the general theme of expressing thoughts and feelings about Humanity, and the challenges of the modern world. Entries should be accompanied by your Full Name, Age, and Contact Mailing Address, preferably a School Address. The idea came out of a worrying chance comment on a British TV programme by a highly intelligent boy, which suggested how frightened or depressed he and many young people can be about growing up in today’s world, with all the weight and guilt of adult and media concerns about pollution, the environment, and Global Warming. Though we must be aware of our world, that’s a worrying trend in itself, because it seemed to block his own joy and confidence in being alive. Or maybe worrying is the wrong word, if it’s true of many younger people and is naturally expressed in their art. Don’t be dictated by a title too much though, because great poetry can be serious, funny, didactic, or anything you like. The key is using ‘Man and Nature’ as a guide to fire your imaginations, find ‘the right words, in the right order’ and your own original, poetic voice. We want to see your feeling for nature, and your thoughts on Mankind. The winner and runner up will be published online, here, in The Poets Sweatshop, with a chance for formal publication in any future anthology, though that is yet to be decided. They will also receive signed copies of one of the founder’s novels, and a Phoenix Ark personal letter of commendation. School classes are very welcome to contribute in groups and entries must be submitted direct to the blog, by the closing date of December 22nd 2010. The publisher regrets that no direct correspondence can be entered into regarding submitted work, and the decision of the judges is final. The authors retain full copyright in their material.

First published September 28th 2010

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