The Monsters of Publishing?

Though I’ve talked grandly on Facebook about the ‘Monsters of publishing’, unless Randolph Hurst is haunting the world with a sad toboggan, I don’t really mean individuals. Although it was no fun being passed around Abrams like a pin-ball! I mean the fear and aggression that is being increasingly generated in a world where we are all too prey to reputations, worry about work, and an over aggressive climate, especially in New York. I think that fear infected two people, personally, but when that was done, professional monsters then rose in heads too, like the canyons of glass and steel in Bright Lights, Big City, and the one thing lost was the defence of the human. For this writer the psychic block on a creative outlet of energy was disastrous and I should not have been to made to carry that can, since I went on trying to make peace. It might be from Stephen Hawkins and a BT advert, but we do need to keep talking to each other and seeing each other clearly. Jaw, jaw, not war, war. DCD

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