I’m fed up with my own onion peeling gloom. Young people need guidance and help, adults help – end of story. So will Phoenix, because I could help writers who have gone wrong, but fans ‘owe’ me absolutely nothing, and it’s the same with any author. The dialogue of beauty, meaning, vision is won inside the pages of books, or on the field of life, not in between. Publishers can be tough, the environment fearsomely competative, but the reason I faced tragedy in New York was because I was in love with people who had the right values, if the wrong ears, and I lost mine in my despair, my values, not ears. Life is sometimes a bit of a bi*%h, and then you don’t marry one (and that is a joke), but life is the key and looking forward, with courage, hope and generosity. Knowing when to hold well too, knowing when to let go. Some people are not healers, and nothing good in life is ever forced. DCD – There’ll be a new instalment of Dragon Post this week, and to catch up, click

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