How too do you ‘unsay’ into the universe, what you have got so wrong too. I tried in a novel, but you don’t, you say other things that might help, heal or inspire, in future. I miss talking to kids, and bright people in America too, because I may never have commanded the audiences of a Stephanie Meyer, but I was damn good at it. But it isn’t about a conversation with the USA, whatever that is, it is only about a conversation with any human reader. Carry your causes there, you insights, your meanings, loves, hates, triumphs and tragedies and let if flow. Shakespeare knew that the miracle and mystery of art is like that other worldly blessing in The Winter’s Tale, when a statue comes to life to heal the mad and crushed Polixenes, and restore true love, found too in the healing forces of nature. But though Prospero threw away his books in The Tempest, to appeal to what he knew is real and sometimes dangerous life, beyond any force of art, in life and on the page ‘strike-music’ and find the joy!

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