Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties?

There should be a new station, perhaps Phoenix can start it, interpreting American news from the UK, back to Americans. Whether it’s Franzen on ‘freedom’ and publishing cock-ups, the death sentence in Texas, or the Bandwagon of ‘The Tea Party’, reported on Channel Four tonight, it would give a special take, and a different perspective, sometimes not expressible from inside America itself. To us the Tea Party summons images of a basic fight for freedom, against the terrible UK, until you remember America has the power now, and then find out quite how off the wall they are. Perhaps independent reporting would be hampered from this ‘channel’, by the extreme sense of injustice against a New York publisher though, and the bad boys of corporate America, because isn’t that what the Tea Party seem to be going on about? Still, few people are truly independent, not even Phoenix Ark, with our belief in the power of real human stories. Can’t they hold a Democratic Tea Party?

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