It becomes pretty dull being the angry voice in the wilderness, but it’s galling, and should be humiliating for such an established publisher as Abrams, to watch the novel Fell fall. With such great reviews, written incidently in the glow of love, and crossing Abram’s so-called ‘Mendoza line’ of bestsellers in Hardback, with over 45,000 sales, it should at least triple that in paperback. It happened with all my other books. Yet ‘strangely’, Fell has dropped to 31,000 at Barnes and Noble and 135,000 on Amazon, and of course, the author, intentionally painted by his ex, and then by a department trying to keep a secret, as in the wrong, is refused contact, and made a bystander to his own work. Does a publisher have any integrity whatsoever, and what can authors do about it, in a system so manifestly cynical, so disrespectful of literature and fans, and so utterly loveless? Since I can’t afford to sue them, I almost wish they would sue me, which they won’t because everything I have said is true. DCD

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