Philip Mount is 39, and currently sporting a beard. He is of course a painter, and a remarkable one. You can see his mastery of the very texture of paint, the marvel of colour, form and space, right now, in the window of Codogan Contemporary in South Kensington (Below).

Among his many incarnations, he was Artist in Residence at the House of Commons, following in the noble footsteps of no less a genius than JM Turner. Philip though has taken many footsteps, wielded many brushstrokes, and will take and wield many more – we’re sure with the universal recognition such talent deserves. In the opinion of the editors at Phoenix Ark Press, he should also turn a hand to the short story too, but sadly, like poetry nowadays, there is no money in it – certainly not at Phoenix. Sorry, Philip! Philip has a studio in Shoreditch, and a heart in many artistic and intellectual houses, so is one of the young guns and true inspirers of the new artistic buzz emerging from the Phoenix Ark community. Bravissimo.

You can see his work, and learn more about the artist, by clicking here.

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