The previous post needs almost instant up-dating because, with a little support from The Author’s Guild of America, Phoenix are thrilled to share the fact that Abrams in New York have just given back the eRights to both Fell and The Telling Pool. It means that Phoenix Ark Press can now also publish, to Kindle and Ipad, a special joint edition of The Sight and Fell, by David Clement-Davies, novels that should sit naturally together, and which were once separated by publishers.

It feels like the end of a terrible road, and although losing someone you love is probably the only thing that really matters in a human life, a tiny victory for one author to get a reputed and powerful publisher to truly respect an author’s work again, at some fundamental level. David Clement-Davies now has the say back in his own creations, the expression of years of hard and highly committed work, and this little Phoenix might fly after all.

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