We’ve had several enquiries about Scream of the White Bear, so long posted on Amazon and elsewhere, but marked as unavailable. The truth is Scream was the very source of difficulty and anguish for the author, in America, and it is still not quite ready. Phoenix’s decision, or rather necessity being invention’s mum, to publish to eBook this year means that it will have to go to Kindle or Ipad anyway. Perhaps we will make it available in paperback print version, if we can. An apology to all David Clement-Davies’ fans, but this situation was forced on him, and thank you for maintaining that interest and support.


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13 responses to “SCREAM OF THE WHITE BEAR

  1. Kyle

    I too am still waiting to read this book. A big fan of DCD’s other works, I really cannot comprehend what would cause this book to be delayed 7 years now. Kind regards.

  2. It’s been like 4 years now… well just about… any news on the book? We’ve all been waiting for so long and can barley contain how excited we are. We love the work the company does along side David. We, as the readers, just really want to get this book and read it…

  3. Cat

    Is there any word about scream because I would love to read it an own it but I love hard back books why cannot be published in hardback

  4. Anonymous

    Hello, I would like the scream of the white bears for Christmas, any updates on when it is going to be out?

  5. Kiki

    August is over now… Will there be a new release date then? I can’t wait to read it!

  6. Tiffany Bertrand

    Is Scream still on release for August 1 2012?

    Don’t ever forget that you are awesome story teller. The Sight was like watching a movie for me when I first read it.

    Your imagination with Polar Bears? Can’t wait. Saw your preview for it once on this site and it was wonderful.

  7. LunaMoth

    I was wondering if this was released anywhere yet? i can not find it at all and i really want to read it!

  8. Taylor

    What? Awe! I don’t have a kindle….how will I read this book! I love DCD and I understand the situation….but is there some other way for me to read this book now?

    • Taylor, very kind and lovely of you to write, but don’t worry yet, you are not missing out because Scream isn’t even on Kindle yet. It has been a tough fight but we are tyring to do something to get it into book form, that’s when it’s even good enough for such great Readers.

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