Dear World,

Let me try to tell you something about what I feel now.

18 days have passed since the earthquake, and what we know every day is much worse than we have imagined! We all knew that the big earthquake would come in near future in Japan, especially this SANRIKU area (north-eastern district). However it was much bigger than we thought, something like once in a thousand years, the specalist said.

As you know, one of the biggest problems is the trouble at the atomic power plant at FUKUSHIMA. Because of that, we have to be careful for water, vegetables, and so on. And saving electric is very important to do now. On the other hand, we afraid another earthquake may come to Tokyo, or Tokai area.

There are so many things to worry about, but what we must think about first, is how to help the people who are in a big sadness, losing family, or house, and everything. To clean and make the town again, is also important to do. All Japanese are on the same ship. We do the things we can, even if it is small. March is the season for School graduation, and everything starts from April in Japan. Of course, I’m afraid of many things, but must be strong to start making up our country, I think.


Yukari is the wife of a Japanese Diplomat. The photos are from her best friend in Arahama, where the Tsunami washed away most of the town. They were sent with the following message about her friend:Her father is a traditional fisherman , and one of the big bosses of that area. It means they had such a big house, where they could have wedding or funeral of the area there. It is said it will take at least one year to clean the town. But she says even in this situation, all the family were saved, and just keep going on.

If words can bring a blessing, then we are listening and with you too.

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