‘Hello. I am a big fan of your stories. I especially loved Fell, and the scene with the salmon.
I was wondering though… This is the first time I’ve been to this site, and excuse me for saying that I am a little confused as to what is going on. I have never heard of Phoenix Ark, and would like to know when it started, and by whom. I think it’s a great idea to focus on writers and sharing the stories they work so hard on. I am very interested in it (being a hopeful writer myself). I hope that you succeed in letting your voices be heard, and that everything works out. When Scream of White Bears comes out in Canada, I’ll be anxious to read it.


Dear Helene,

many thanks for writing. Phoenix Ark was founded by David Clement-Davies, mid last year, in response to the awful publishing climate, and the politics inside many big publishers too, to talk straight to readers, and allow writers’ voices, even beyond their works, to be heard, shared, and to hope that writers and artists are really respected and protected too. The problem we faced and face is the very difficult financial climate, and so raising the necessary investment, not only to survive, but to really get books published properly, David Clement-Davies’s, and others. It was blogged that in fact we can only afford to get Scream of the White Bear, and probably other books, out electronically, to Kindle and elsewhere, though if investors came in, that could and would change. The founder, while trying to make a living himself, and come out of an awful and unneccessary battle in New York, is still looking for the right people though. We hope you like all there is on the website though, cover designs, cultural essays, personal blogs, articles, and a free story, and great to hear from you.

Very best,

Phoenix Ark Press

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