Mao’s Little Red Book, the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, and Gaddafi’s Little Green Book, stamped into the streets on the TV News. Isn’t it always the sign of the madmen and dictators, writing bad books that claim the whole truth? In Gaddafi’s case he was a rather unusual ideologue, more in the Michael Jackson stamp of bizarre military pop star, propped up by vast oil wealth. ‘He said lots of good things about democracy,’ said one Libyan, ‘problem is he never did anything about it.’ But though more so in Libya, perhaps, it is never about just one man, one Monster, so can they avoid what happened in Iraq? Queue the Zen Master – ‘we’ll see’. But one up for David Cameron and Nato too, with a Libyan woman crying ‘thank you, thank you, David Cameron.

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