Isn’t it a fundamental irony that Phoenix Ark Press should be using the very medium it is so sceptical of. Personally, although there is some merit in eBooks, and the stories being told and heard are what count, I far prefer well done, real books and reading them. Needs must, but we also need educating about what the internet is for, and its enormous disconnections and problems, especially the young. The dangers of the supposedly social connected world have just been highlighted by an investigation into ‘Smart Phones’ and how easy it is to hack into everything you say. I found it better to deal with that by just trying to tell the truth! But perhaps there is an enormous cynicism and failure of trust and actually honour everywhere, that is enormously dangerous. One story that highlighted it for me last year was when I had being talking to a friend about possible work. I was under pressure and pressed him on some kind of promise and it turned out he had taped an entire conversation on his phone, when we had been having a perfectly casual dinner together, over a pint. Besides, I had never intimated anything was set in stone anyway. I found it quite extraordinary and actually sinister. Maybe you can’t be an innocent in the modern world, but what the hell are we doing to one another? If life is about friendships, connection and people, maybe the old phrase in terms of some technologies should be ‘only disconnect!‘ At least then we wouldn’t bore you here. DCD

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