It might be absurd that a blog that has included the failure of several relationships could blog such a top ten, but here goes!

1) You cannot predict the future, you can only enter things with the right intention. Trust yourself, unless you are nuts.

2) If something wrong happens never wear it as a life crisis, just say sorry and get on with it.

3) If therapy happens outside, never take that back into the relationship, leave it outside. On the other hand never go to a therapist, they are all nuts, or just trying to make a living and so keep you in expensive therapy, so they feel a little better.

4) If two people want to part ways, avoid the judging mirror, but acknowledge and respect each other too. What’s wrong with that? Co-dependency is a collapsing relationship where neither can grow, but all this is the ghastly language of therapy.

5) If the masculine tries to hold on too late it’s a disaster. (We know)

6) The deep feminine always seeks out the strong masculine to order its own feeling function and grow. Besides, sex is fun, or certainly should be, though boys should try not to wear girl’s underwear in public, unless they are Eddie Izzard.

7) All of us need to feel safe, but do not take too much for granted. If complete knowledge of what you both want is there, then you can perfectly trust and rely on each other. Surely happiness is just not worrying and getting on with creative life, but do try to get a proper job.

8) The lost masculine can turn tyrant in the face of the passive feminine and go very dark. Two pillars hold up the roof of a house and stand apart, mutually supportive. Kahlil Gibran is very beautiful, but he doesn’t tell very good jokes. (We do not know about the smiley face)

9) Dont talk about or analyse your relationship instead of having it, just keep having it, unless it’s too expensive or your teeth fall out. Always try to shock Americans, though try to be nice too, they really are charmed by the funny British accent.

10) If there is some big secret you feel a partner will not understand, try stopping and asking yourself if they might very well understand, but dont seek to invade everything either. If necessary share it elsewhere, just not with a therapist or your own publisher.

11) (We lied) Get a life.

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