Yet there are redeeming things about The Da Vinci Code. Not least the idea of the God in Man, and the Sacred Feminine, without the awful weight of the Church. If that is a man’s real grail quest, I was very wanting and lost my quest. Unless modern consciousness cannot cope with such a desire for the sacred too, some sacred without a split consciousness, and in the story of Parsifal The Grail Castle is something else too. The knowledge in Man of how to cure the ‘God Wound’ of Childhood to adult consciousness, and bring back the really connected glories of being alive, united and whole, like some flourishing brook. Like the cup the wounded Fisher King cannot drink from unless Parisfal asks the healing question at the right time. He got lost for twenty years, before he knocked again on the doors of his own unconscious! Funny Parsifal, he was the weakest of all Knights.

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