I love your novels and everything about them please tell when your novel “Scream of the White Bears” will be released in the United States, sir? I check any Page and every page about your books once a week because, I’m so busy but I make time to check your books! Please when will u release it in the United States??? We’re all dying inside to read it!!!! 🙂 :):):)

Oh dear, that makes me sad and guilty again, because despite promising to get to it this year, I am afraid I am trying to survive and earn a crust too, so I have turned to a non-fiction project I would dearly love to do. I promise I will get to Scream though, even if it cannot be published mainstream, and it will certainly come out in the US in some form. Thank you for writing and if there has been any disappointment I am very sorry, but it was not as great as the hurt and disappointment I faced over it. It is what makes it a difficult thing to revisit. Love your name, by the way.


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