I still think about my first read through The Sight this time of year, aptly in the cold of winter. Profound books have a habit of getting adopted into a readers subconscious, changing them sometimes, I guess that’s the power of media. Sometimes it will snow outside and I’ll think of Larka’s pain and eventual courage. Kar’s lifelong loyalty and romance, turn to insanity, and then liberation through Larka’s blessing. That stuff doesn’t leave a readers mind, not if they feel it deeply enough.

So I know how hard it must be to actually write a story, and mentally experience the characters, when the fictional world becomes drawn from miserable real world experiences, those taken from some very dark places. Scream of the White Bear is obviously pulls some challenging emotional associations. But thankfully, readership and message never hinges on just one avenue. And you have all the voice and freedom to explore more than any of us have. I’d like to see Scream at some point, but in a form true to the love of storytelling, or out of a drive to send a message into the world, not out of pure obligation. Because trust me, as readers we’ll follow wherever genuine emotion is found, as with the characters in The Sight and Fell. That’s why your wolves don’t leave me. That’s why Larka never ‘actually’ left Kar.

Best wishes, stay warm this winter.

Dear Lhuna,

what a charming and deeply touching letter. When people talk of ‘getting over’ sadness or disappointment, and I know that is probably to encourage, I’m afraid Scream went far deeper than that. It is not a question of easy self pity either, but of what can flow in thought, feeling, insight and story. That is why what Abrams ended up doing was not only wrong towards a person they knew so personally, but as part of any creative or artistic process too. I have ‘fought’ to hold some voice and independence in even creating Phoenix Ark too, but it has also been too much of a battle at times and stolen away a very simple joy, which is my being able to do what I do best, or did, tell creative and powerful stories and share them with readers in the most appropriate and professional way too. Indeed it was intrinsic to my voice and life power too. But my stories have always been drawn rather deeply from life battles and experience and that’s why Scream almost killed me off. That can sound melodramatic but many writers have talked about the risks they can take with what they write and how it can harm or help their lives. Anyhow, it was lovely to hear from you again, to know that past stories have inspired and to you and all who have dipped into Phoenix and found something at least interesting, have a very Happy Christmas Hols and a very brilliant and creative New Year.


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