There are three months to go until “The Mayan End of The World“, but from our excellent sources around the globe come two highlighted articles:

No-one likes a prophet much, but if events in the thriller The Godhead Game by David Clement-Davies are coming true then, like Obama’s predicted election this year, the whole story also follows the issue of Iran’s nuclear capability, indeed the threat of nuclear conflict, in A Game of Secrets, A Hunt for Skulls, A Battle of Spies.

While exploring the whole Mayan story too, it is more optimistic than being ‘milarianist’ though. If it does invite everyone, including Israel and Iran, to stop replaying old attitudes, and wake up to something extraordinary about mankind, nature and reality, that must include all of us. Just as its hero receives a strange email, at the heart of the FBI in Washington, inviting him to “change his life forever.” It is also about how science and ‘religion’ have split dangerously into two opposing kinds of language and need to be redefined. Why not send an email yourselves and invite people to read it? To get a copy CLICK HERE, but for a snatch of the Phoenix Ark ‘book trailer’, click on the arrow below:

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