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A friend sent this link on tomorrow’s END OF THE WORLD. CLICK HERE It’s fine, if a little dull a take on the Mayan Calender and all the hoo-ha. The point of some ‘theories’ about it all is not any end, but a change. If Mankind does have some capacity towards higher awareness, or evolved consciousness, that might be no bad idea! A new age of consciousness. If, as the article says, we are saved from fear, atavism or superstition by reason, we are equally not at all just creatures of reason. Indeed, the rationality of higher science is so extraordinary it rewrites every day reason completely, as did Einstein, while our supposedly reason driven planet appears to be in a bit of a crisis. Hence the discussion in the thriller The Godhead Game of two kinds of languages and awareness, science’s and ‘spirituality’s’, the language perhaps not of dictatorial morality, but love, wholeness, inner journeys, that we must not lose sight of and now we see at war. But if tomorrow or the next day’s solstice ending is the most enormous anti-climax, as we happily tip back towards the sun, at least the disappointed new agers have a story that continues its interest! Try it.

Most marvellous of all THE GODHEAD GAME is available FREE, from tomorrow, December 21st to December 23rd, for download from Amazon. CLICK HERE

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Of course, it’s another chance to plug the thriller THE GODHEAD GAME, but Nasa have brought out a reassuring ‘Apocalypse’ video, CLICK HERE a week before the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, on December 21st (Or 22nd, and only according to one stela, or stone, perhaps…)

We must trust the scientists, and the fact is energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form into another. For thousands of years Millarianists have been fearing and wailing, sitting on pillars, or muttering doomsdays. On the other hand, the point of the thriller is not catastrophe, though biblically Apocalypse means revelation, but language and belief itself. So A GAME OF SECRETS, A HUNT FOR SKULLS, A BATTLE OF SPIES, is anyway set in 2014, since a week to go would be a rarely crap sell-by-date!

In terms of not trusting scientists though, an argument in the book is that much modern madness and indeed a potential long-term end of everything, is because a spiritual language is being driven out, antithetical to science’s purely explicative or deconstructing langauge, that we lose at our absolute peril. So the hero of the story, an FBI man in Washington, is sent an email inviting him to change his life forever, as a series of real crystal skulls are stolen around the world. Beneath that lies a spy game, and very real issues indeed, like Iran’s nuclear capacity, or the attitudes of the ‘civilised’ nations. A ‘prophecy’ of Obama’s relection has already come true, so who knows what other relevance a novel will find?

Remember too, THE GODHEAD GAME by David Clement-Davies, is absolutely FREE this merry end of the world, December 21st-23rd, from Amazon Kindle. Why not download it as part of the End of Everything jollity, it can hardly hurt if we won’t be here anyway? Achoooooo.

And why not watch our Video, below, alongside Nasa’s…


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OK, it was a publicity stunt to support Australian ‘end of the world’ celebrations, but if the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard can talk of the Mayan Calendar on tv, it has certainly got into the mainstream. So here are the Phoenix Ark End of World Celebrations! The thriller The Godhead Game, by David Clement-Davies, will be completely free for Kindle download at the ‘end of the world’ itself, December 21st, 22nd and the 23rd, as a delicious stocking filler, now it’s virtually snowing again of Phoenix’s blog.

If people are slightly confused about when the world stops, in terms of the Mayan Calendar anyway, it is because that 13th Ba’aktun cycle of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, one of several calendars, but counting time in terms of thousands of days, is related to the Mayan’s practice of divination and counting linked to the cycle of seasons, and of course solstices, but also an apparent prophecy of darkness related to something called the Tortuguerro stela, or stone, in Honduras. But the solstice always varies around the 21st and 22nd of December, tipping us back to life and the sun, while something exists called the Lounsbury Calculation too, that questions the precise date of the Long Count’s end.

It is all explained in The Godhead Game, a story that starts with an end of the world warning and a threatening email to an FBI system’s man in Washington, since we are all now ‘net’ connected, inviting him to change his life forever, while his brother is simultaneously kidnapped from a World Cup football match in Brazil. If writers try to look into ‘truth’, or even prophecy events, some fictional events have already come true (though the novel is set in 2014) with the re-election of President Obama. Hopefully other elements will not come true, namely what the thriller is also about, the murderous conflict over Iran and a hunt for nuclear secrets, that might really bring an end to everything!

Otherwise it is a philosophical investigation of ‘Apocalypse’ ideas, which in Ancient Greek really means a revelation, of science versus faith, and a romp through history, to tell a good story, with some kind of lasting message. That is perhaps what ‘new agers’ see in any Mayan Prophecy, not that it is the end of the world, but the end of one world and the dawn of another kind of awareness in Mankind’s consciousness. If we all evolved out of nature such a thing is surely possible. Namely what is really being seen right around the planet now, that to survive we have to start waking up to each other, and the enormous power for creativity or destruction that we all possess and somehow start to do things differently. Quite apart from the fact that every single second is the end of the world for someone dying on the planet, and the beginning for someone else being born into its bizarre and amazing mystery. Perhaps too that old ideas of religion have to be put away, and yet a ‘spiritual’ language has to be rewritten, not destroyed by the truths and marvels of higher science, which can help us all be fully human and find out what it is we truly value in ourselves and each other.

For the link for an END OF THE WORLD FREE DOWNLOAD, on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December just CLICK HERE

Happy Christmas or whatever festival, atheist hols, Solstice and a very happy future to everyone.


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Well, it’s December, and forget Christmas, running nto the 21st/22nd is a last Advent countdown to the End of Everything. At last(!) comes the end of the Mayan Calendar, after a brief five thousand years, well, the Thirteenth Baktuun at least. It’s the solstice and hopefully a new dawn of awareness for all Mankind, which would obviously be nice!

So if we are still around, you can settle back and read the definitive thriller all about it, and Iranian Nuclear Secrets too – THE GODHEAD GAME by David Clement-Davies – A Game of Secrets, A Hunt for Skulls, A Battle of Spies.

For your FREE Phoenix Ark Press stocking filler, you can download to kindle for nothing, this Thursday, December 6th, and there will be more give aways before the world blows up (hopefully). Just CLICK HEREthis thursday. Happy Christmasy reading.


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A lot of interest here has been about blogs on ‘illusionist’ and hypnotist Derren Brown. Watching the second part of his ‘Apocalypse’ is a good chance to plug that great thriller, that does not have the power to push itself, The Godhead Game, based around this year’s supposed ‘Apocalypse’, the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar, this December, 2012. (Available but flopping on Amazon.) It’s point is precisely the opposite of ends of the world, since, for all the violence or fear, life and energy are very hard to destroy, as are repeating stories.

Perhaps Derren Brown is a kind of modern saint, though having dabbled in religion, or perhaps feeling a victim to it, he would probably hate the word. But the push and premise of his programme, and ‘set up’ of a character who faced a created Apocalypse, and the ‘infected’, was exactly right, and deeply human, namely to test and bring out the best in his ‘subject’. The lingering question at the end though, namely do we actually need fear, as the spin of the coin on which we all exist, succeed or fail, was immediately preempted by the announcement of the coming programme about faith; Religion: Faith and Fear. The ‘problem’ with the programme was that it already drew on well established cultural ‘clichés’, in all those zombie films. Indeed the set up was an exact replay of one infection and zombie film. Fine, it exactly reflects why such dramas are made themselves.

Which feeds into the question of what drama is for and why talking of science or faith is so much just about language. Derren Brown pushes the boundaries of illusion, hypnotic control, studies of the psyche and what reality really is, if anything at all, to the limits, and there too is his genius. Perhaps he will try to touch what it is very hard to answer, namely is there truth in ‘Jungian’ ideas, that involve such notions as some ‘Collective Unconscious’, that may not be an individual experience alone of dreams, or the powerful unconscious or subconscious, perhaps controlled by a brain centre that can be hypnotised and controlled to an extraordinary extent. To the extent it can stop the nerve functions and make a body in ice cold water think it is in a warm bath, and will actually die. Then that is no more remarkable than dysfunctions people are born with, so that they do not have ‘ordinary’ nerve functions at all, which itself questions what any reality is. But the wider question is what any social reality is too, and what is happening all around us, even in the entertainment staged down a TV screen, as so much is created to advertise or control.

Still, Brown is both a genius and very exciting and inspiring about what he seeks to challenge and examine about a ‘reality’ we all appear to share, but is always so much about illusions, in our experiences and perceptions of the ‘outside world’ and an inner world too. He is doing what that Hollywood movie ‘The Game’ did and would it not be wonderful if we all played that ‘game’ with each other, but to heal and to bring out the most extraordinary in each one of us? The question, as both animal and ‘Man’, is do we need enemies and fear, and what vision and growth exists beyond that when the walls really come tumblin’ down? For those ‘loonies’ who talk some Mayan truth, for whatever reason, perhaps there are always higher states of consciousness.


ps Just to be a little tedious the Greek meaning of Apocalpsye is not those four horsemen at all, but something revealed.

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Perhaps it’s the wonderful end of obsessions with sex as original sin, women as evil, or the proof of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code fictions. Perhaps Catholic priests will now be allowed to live happily married lives. It was no Biblical story that forced in the idea, for instance, that Mary herself was conceived by Immaculate Conception, but the decrees of Church councils.

Karen King, a Harvard professor of Divinity, has just discovered a snippet of ancient parchment with words to the effect “and Jesus said, my wife…..who may become my disciple.” The Da Vinci Code may be a dreadful read, in literary terms, but it is also a very clever page turner. It builds on rather astonishing ideas about Da Vinci then, Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene, and out of books like The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail. We still think The Godhead Game should be seen as a Da Vinci Code of Mayan World End ideas, this year, but that’s special pleading! In the meantime, what a blessing for debate, life and different kinds of sacred love, even if Christians did get so upset about a film they misunderstood, The Last Temptation of Christ. Ghandi used to renew his marriage vows every day.


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There are three months to go until “The Mayan End of The World“, but from our excellent sources around the globe come two highlighted articles:



No-one likes a prophet much, but if events in the thriller The Godhead Game by David Clement-Davies are coming true then, like Obama’s predicted election this year, the whole story also follows the issue of Iran’s nuclear capability, indeed the threat of nuclear conflict, in A Game of Secrets, A Hunt for Skulls, A Battle of Spies.

While exploring the whole Mayan story too, it is more optimistic than being ‘milarianist’ though. If it does invite everyone, including Israel and Iran, to stop replaying old attitudes, and wake up to something extraordinary about mankind, nature and reality, that must include all of us. Just as its hero receives a strange email, at the heart of the FBI in Washington, inviting him to “change his life forever.” It is also about how science and ‘religion’ have split dangerously into two opposing kinds of language and need to be redefined. Why not send an email yourselves and invite people to read it? To get a copy CLICK HERE, but for a snatch of the Phoenix Ark ‘book trailer’, click on the arrow below:

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Our unofficial ‘read of the London Olympics’, The Godhead Game by David Clement-Davies, involves kidnapped athletes, including a US soccer star, from David Beckham’s team at LA Galaxy. So, if America’s amazing success in football during these games is anything to go by, perhaps interest in the sport will bring an interest in reading too! The ancient Mayans, a central theme of the new thriller, had a primitive field game, called Ulama, but this happened to involve human sacrifice. We wonder if athletes would prefer that to 50 Million a year and celebrity status. For a copy Click here

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The sporting thriller, The Godhead Game, predicts that Obama will win the US elections, and other events in this countdown to December 2012, and the Mayan Calendar end. We’ll see, but it’s half the fun of the read. But it can hardly have predicted the remark that will surely stay with Mitt Romney, and if you were adding up bloopers, might even cost him an election. Danny Boyle clearly put black and multi-coloured faces centre stage, at the heart of a globally minded London Olympic opening, a Games for the World, while proudly talking an anglo-saxon heritage too. Perhaps the spirit of Jesse Owens is now Obama’s spiritual running mate.

Since everyone has to do it themselves these weird days, The Godhead Game is now unofficial read of the London Olympics, so go Phoenix Ark Press. To get a copy, before the end of the world, Universe and everything, Click here

Addendum: On the other hand QI pointed out last night that Hitler did not snub Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olymopics, he shook no athletes hands, while FDR did and that the ‘Facist’ salute was not invented by the Nazis, but a mix of ancient Olympians and US School kids! Owens, in racially divided America, received no welcome back at the Whitehouse, and had to enter one reception hotel through the service lifts. There you are, Democrat or Republican, never assume, or live in the easy cliché!

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So, the game’s afoot today (quote – Will Shakespeare not Sherlock Holmes), The London Olympics, and not remotely a chance to plug the sporting thriller The Godhead Game, with its kidnapped athletes,Click here. But, as the Torch was held high at the modern Globe in Southwark, a wonderful little article about politics, history and the show of it all, London Struts on The World Stage, appeared in the New York Times by Sergie Lobanov-Rostovsky, Click here, which proves America (not Abrams) has some culture and sense of it all.

This blog has been much caught between London and New York, ‘old’ and ‘new’ worlds, but we make the point in Shakespeare’s Brother, as American academics like James Shapiro, Bloom and Greenblat hold the field and rekindle that interest in Southwark and the time, that perhaps they only need Shakespeare to really interpret it all, especially out of nasty Reformation struggles. Though, if ‘The American Dream’ was, in the founding of the Virginia Lottery, (taken up by all thirteen colonies), after 1612, dreamt up by tempestuous Elizabthans not Arthur Miller, perhaps America, bankers, politicians, the City of London and the entire world are really stuck in the past, 400 hundred years ago. John Harvard came from Southwark too, though we don’t think much of the signature in the Christening record. But Good God, did Mitt Romney really say he could understand the spirit of the Olympics better than Obama because he’s an Anglo-Saxon?! Set Othello’s wrath on him, or, Doh, invite him to the Olympian, Greek foundations of the Games. “Oh brave New World, that hath such people in it!”

But guff to that, for now, and good luck to all those Olympian players and team GB.


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