Not so much ‘God Bless’ as well done America, in choosing the right President. Especially in a time of still very high, though falling unemployment, it is remarkable that Obama was re-elected so strongly, and though Romney seemed an attractive and not so extreme figure, in the last throws of the election, Americans can surely feel proud of re-electing a figure of true balance, statesmanship, humanity and stature. Though now we will see how he makes good, especially with the January financial crisis looming, and how it carries around the world.

But one of the ‘prophecies’ in the thriller, The Godhead Game, has just come true, Obama’s second term, as we get closer to that imaginative ‘end of the world’, in this December’s end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. Not some doomsday proof of apocalypses, though the world is always starting and ending for someone, each moment of our lives, but perhaps an intuition about world events. Perhaps it will be fun seeing how much a thriller gets things right. But very worrying signs are on the horizon, if we don’t all wake up to something, not least in the single most dominant foreign policy issue, Israel’s mounting paranoia about Iran and Nuclear weapons.

They, and the Mayan Long Count, are all themes inside a story and thriller, in The Godhead Game, A Game of Secrets, A Hunt for Skulls, A Battle of Spies, available HERE

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