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Of course, it’s another chance to plug the thriller THE GODHEAD GAME, but Nasa have brought out a reassuring ‘Apocalypse’ video, CLICK HERE a week before the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, on December 21st (Or 22nd, and only according to one stela, or stone, perhaps…)

We must trust the scientists, and the fact is energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form into another. For thousands of years Millarianists have been fearing and wailing, sitting on pillars, or muttering doomsdays. On the other hand, the point of the thriller is not catastrophe, though biblically Apocalypse means revelation, but language and belief itself. So A GAME OF SECRETS, A HUNT FOR SKULLS, A BATTLE OF SPIES, is anyway set in 2014, since a week to go would be a rarely crap sell-by-date!

In terms of not trusting scientists though, an argument in the book is that much modern madness and indeed a potential long-term end of everything, is because a spiritual language is being driven out, antithetical to science’s purely explicative or deconstructing langauge, that we lose at our absolute peril. So the hero of the story, an FBI man in Washington, is sent an email inviting him to change his life forever, as a series of real crystal skulls are stolen around the world. Beneath that lies a spy game, and very real issues indeed, like Iran’s nuclear capacity, or the attitudes of the ‘civilised’ nations. A ‘prophecy’ of Obama’s relection has already come true, so who knows what other relevance a novel will find?

Remember too, THE GODHEAD GAME by David Clement-Davies, is absolutely FREE this merry end of the world, December 21st-23rd, from Amazon Kindle. Why not download it as part of the End of Everything jollity, it can hardly hurt if we won’t be here anyway? Achoooooo.

And why not watch our Video, below, alongside Nasa’s…


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OK, it was a publicity stunt to support Australian ‘end of the world’ celebrations, but if the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard can talk of the Mayan Calendar on tv, it has certainly got into the mainstream. So here are the Phoenix Ark End of World Celebrations! The thriller The Godhead Game, by David Clement-Davies, will be completely free for Kindle download at the ‘end of the world’ itself, December 21st, 22nd and the 23rd, as a delicious stocking filler, now it’s virtually snowing again of Phoenix’s blog.

If people are slightly confused about when the world stops, in terms of the Mayan Calendar anyway, it is because that 13th Ba’aktun cycle of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, one of several calendars, but counting time in terms of thousands of days, is related to the Mayan’s practice of divination and counting linked to the cycle of seasons, and of course solstices, but also an apparent prophecy of darkness related to something called the Tortuguerro stela, or stone, in Honduras. But the solstice always varies around the 21st and 22nd of December, tipping us back to life and the sun, while something exists called the Lounsbury Calculation too, that questions the precise date of the Long Count’s end.

It is all explained in The Godhead Game, a story that starts with an end of the world warning and a threatening email to an FBI system’s man in Washington, since we are all now ‘net’ connected, inviting him to change his life forever, while his brother is simultaneously kidnapped from a World Cup football match in Brazil. If writers try to look into ‘truth’, or even prophecy events, some fictional events have already come true (though the novel is set in 2014) with the re-election of President Obama. Hopefully other elements will not come true, namely what the thriller is also about, the murderous conflict over Iran and a hunt for nuclear secrets, that might really bring an end to everything!

Otherwise it is a philosophical investigation of ‘Apocalypse’ ideas, which in Ancient Greek really means a revelation, of science versus faith, and a romp through history, to tell a good story, with some kind of lasting message. That is perhaps what ‘new agers’ see in any Mayan Prophecy, not that it is the end of the world, but the end of one world and the dawn of another kind of awareness in Mankind’s consciousness. If we all evolved out of nature such a thing is surely possible. Namely what is really being seen right around the planet now, that to survive we have to start waking up to each other, and the enormous power for creativity or destruction that we all possess and somehow start to do things differently. Quite apart from the fact that every single second is the end of the world for someone dying on the planet, and the beginning for someone else being born into its bizarre and amazing mystery. Perhaps too that old ideas of religion have to be put away, and yet a ‘spiritual’ language has to be rewritten, not destroyed by the truths and marvels of higher science, which can help us all be fully human and find out what it is we truly value in ourselves and each other.

For the link for an END OF THE WORLD FREE DOWNLOAD, on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December just CLICK HERE

Happy Christmas or whatever festival, atheist hols, Solstice and a very happy future to everyone.


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Well, it’s December, and forget Christmas, running nto the 21st/22nd is a last Advent countdown to the End of Everything. At last(!) comes the end of the Mayan Calendar, after a brief five thousand years, well, the Thirteenth Baktuun at least. It’s the solstice and hopefully a new dawn of awareness for all Mankind, which would obviously be nice!

So if we are still around, you can settle back and read the definitive thriller all about it, and Iranian Nuclear Secrets too – THE GODHEAD GAME by David Clement-Davies – A Game of Secrets, A Hunt for Skulls, A Battle of Spies.

For your FREE Phoenix Ark Press stocking filler, you can download to kindle for nothing, this Thursday, December 6th, and there will be more give aways before the world blows up (hopefully). Just CLICK HEREthis thursday. Happy Christmasy reading.


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Not so much ‘God Bless’ as well done America, in choosing the right President. Especially in a time of still very high, though falling unemployment, it is remarkable that Obama was re-elected so strongly, and though Romney seemed an attractive and not so extreme figure, in the last throws of the election, Americans can surely feel proud of re-electing a figure of true balance, statesmanship, humanity and stature. Though now we will see how he makes good, especially with the January financial crisis looming, and how it carries around the world.

But one of the ‘prophecies’ in the thriller, The Godhead Game, has just come true, Obama’s second term, as we get closer to that imaginative ‘end of the world’, in this December’s end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. Not some doomsday proof of apocalypses, though the world is always starting and ending for someone, each moment of our lives, but perhaps an intuition about world events. Perhaps it will be fun seeing how much a thriller gets things right. But very worrying signs are on the horizon, if we don’t all wake up to something, not least in the single most dominant foreign policy issue, Israel’s mounting paranoia about Iran and Nuclear weapons.

They, and the Mayan Long Count, are all themes inside a story and thriller, in The Godhead Game, A Game of Secrets, A Hunt for Skulls, A Battle of Spies, available HERE

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More Four’s documentary on the Mayans and this year’s supposed apocalypse, in december, with the end of the thirteenth baktun from their “Long Count” calendar was rather good. In our age of super anxiety, all of it’s ideas are reflected in the thriller The GodHead Game. Though to help a sigh of relief, it is set in 2014. The documentary’s most fascinating moment was wandering around the excavations of the city El Mirador, from one of the world’s five founding civilisation, now folded back into the rainsforests. Highlighting how all civilisations have risen and fallen too, so we might start to wake up to something.

It mentioned religious and milarianist hysteria, which is as old as the hills. Also Europeans creating an industry, spawning thousands of books and websites. Well, it might be nice to see 62 Million copies of The Godhead Game sold, like the space-man Mayan “theorist” Erik Von Daniken. But, if meant to be enjoyable, a good narrative read, the thriller’s themes are more serious.

Perhaps it’s time we stopped talking about religion, or more importantly spirituality, as just wrong, but a very different kind of language to science. One contained in the emotional and indeed moral nature of man, as Jung believed human consciousness has an essential “religious” element, where science has no essential moral, but is obviously a vital way of deconstructing, understanding and redefining. For a copy of The Godhead Game, to read before December’s end, in your nuclear bunker, for several years just after, or just at home on the sofa, CLICK HERE

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