Milton, would’st though were living at this hour, Phoenix hath need of thee!

Hello, not to get too poetic but after an appalling weekend the howl goes up again about Light of The White Bear and failing pledges too. But now a reader and kind pledger, Jonathan T, has kindly begun to instruct me on how to use Social Media and especially Facebook. So I have just been blocked for sending out so many Friends invites, including to a great many Young Adult and Adult authors! I’ve sent a message to the Zuccerbergers (some mistake? Ed It’s Hamburgers) asking if we have turned into Turkey and surely they can chose or not to be chums.

It seems appallingly opportunist to mix new friendship with asking shamelessly for support at Kickstarter to publish a long delayed novel properly (meaning real and well designed books) and yet, like Wordsworth calling on Milton during the French Revolution (see above), needs must! I rather cynically fell off my lonely chair when someone suggested I actually turned to writers for support, since Gor Vidal said something like when I see a friend succeed a little bit more of me dies, but actually I don’t think I was ungenerous in my long lost heyday and the landscape has changed so much too, that we all wonder who the successful publishers are. Let alone the best parties! So perhaps we can all test if we are locked in our boxes, with worried or impressive tag lines line ‘New York Times Besteller‘, or can test Kickstarter and spread the love.

I must say there is a fight too which wrestles with this being just about story and the book itself, or something bigger, like planet and species saving, including saving endangered authors. Because I was one of those idiotic authors who, wolf like, bit the hand that fed him in New York City, fought internally for two years, exposed corruption, raised an eyebrow at appalling internal cynicism and then sued in the New York Supreme Court. Um, the judge refused to let me social network and the complaint was too epic for her to even pick up. Much less painful, fighting back, then when I threw down my pen in the terrible conditions that developed out of betrayed friendships and loves, and said I hadn’t become a writer for those kind of values! But some of the pledges involve not just the specific project of the novel, but involvement here at Phoenix Ark too.

You can see the project, spread the word or, more wonderfully PLEDGE (pretty please) by CLICKING HERE

Thanks for listening (again!)

Warmest wishes, David Clement-Davies x

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