Hi, I don’t know your experience but do authors really support one another in the world of Social Media and Kickstarter projects? Are we only a jealous and fiercely competitive lot, or is there such a thing as connecting to try and do something about the changed landscape of publishing, dying bookshops and fighting but endangered species of authors?!

I made lots of friends this weekend via Facebook and don’t want to use it just to peddle me, but right now I’m trying to get some help with properly publishing a long-delayed novel Light of the White Bear. It has its own rather extraordinary story, and why a leading author under four contracts who got so close to the heart of a firm had such an awful battle in New York City and then walked away from his own major publishing house. It led to creating this little publisher, Phoenix Ark Press. But if you pledge, or simply help by spreading the word, blogging, linking or liking, I would be hugely grateful. Only 16 days to survive and 50 years to save the melting ice caps and all those mighty polar bears!

You can see it by CLICKING HERE

Many thanks


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