David has being trying to speak straight to fans again about Light of The White Bear, if they haven’t all grown up, so puts up a new video, with only 16 days to go on Kickstarter, about inspirations, writing, his travelling experiences and a wolf snog in Colorado! He also reads some of the wonderful comments from supporters and inspired by Kelly talks about the call of the wild and the needed call to arms.

You can see the slobbery show by Clicking here



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    • Fantastic Kelly, but don’t wear the melting ice caps on your shoulders! I wasn’t having a go at you about that word anthropomorphism in any way, it’s just Richard Adams used it about Firebringer…


      • Haha, I know you weren’t having a go at me. But you gave me something to discuss and think about critically, and that’s worth a great deal.

        • Kelly, always good to discuss. I wish I were a more famous author though to help spread you passions and interests. Long burn on the fan base and too long a gap between big novels… I also wish I was an ecologist like you, but am just a writer, where some poetic sensibility is useful for understanding the world, perhaps. It was very interesting what you said about anthropomorphism, and also about rabbits living lives in fear all the time. That’s perhaps the danger of ascribing too much sensibility to some animals, because perhaps it attributes more awareness to them than they have and perhaps more suffering sometimes too. Actually though people cannot help be anthropomorphic and see some mirror of themselves in nature. I guess the challenge for scientists is to mix that poetic need with a real understanding of wider ecology and biospheres. I would also just enjoy the amazing creatures you work around too though.

          Also interesting about pessimism and fear keeping one up the tree! Yes, though I fought too long at Phoenix to quite sweat these 30 days. Perhaps I should just give up writing and move to the country.


          • If you put away the pen and move to the country, I won’t forgive you! Nor will the other fans. Even if New York doesn’t agree (at the moment) your voice is too influential and lovely to lose. And it may resurface yet. In fact, I’m sure it will.

            Imagine the worst case scenario (again, my pessimism at work). Let’s assume Kickstarter does not reach the goal, and I’m not saying it won’t, as you still have two weeks. But let’s say it won’t. There are a few ways you can inexpensively pursue self-publishing. I’m not sure what platform most appeals to you, but Amazon’s CreateSpace is both user-friendly and free. It also produces high-quality paper backs and offers marketing packages. A good friend, Nikkita Pierrottie, who is fairly unknown in the writing community, sold 700 copies in her first few months, and that was starting from square one. Because you have a fan-base, you’d see far greater success. Furthermore, I know she would assist you in navigating the tangled Amazon if you needed a guide. She has a soft-spot for animal fiction, and takes payment in knowing she’s sharing a good story. CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com/

            This of course begs the question of getting editors, a cover artist, etc, and unfortunately, these are the funny little details which demand the cash. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel, still. Look to your connections and friends for editing. Find an artist on Craigslist, or even DeviantArt. There are plenty of starving artists out there who’s pocket money belies their talent.

            This doesn’t sound grandiose, especially after working with a publishing house. It’s a change, but also a new chapter. You can keep your words alive and rebuild the renown. AND you will be spreading those passions and interests mentioned above! Win-win all around. Whatever the way, I hope you set the bears free, and that other animal stories will trail behind in the years to come.

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