In turning to Kickstarter then getting cross about it, I also backed the Globe Theatre project with its world tour of Hamlet. I must admit there should be a little question mark around an institution such as The Globe turning to crowd funding, trumpeted in a very good film that sang the song ‘a’begging we will go‘ although it probably will be a model in future. Yet could there not be a more shining example of the impoverishment of our enormously wealthy and culturally ignorant society than the fact that the project will probably fail in 4 days time, and so little has come from the top? Just look at the statistics – Pledges of £5 or more 266 backers, £50 or more 66 backers, £100 or more 101 backers, £2500 or more 1 backer, £5000 or more 1 backer.

I’ve long said we’re returning to the kind of social differentials they had in the 16th Century, when actors were classed with the likes of vagrants, vagabonds and strangers to be whipped out of town and the walls of The City of London, but the difference is that society had a true sense of powerful patronage, especially towards literature and the new theatres. We have none whatsoever.

If you have a few grand to spare then, or just want to show some last minute solidarity with a £1 or £2 why not cheer them up by CLICKING HERE

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  1. IndigoUncle

    Many, many promising and professional Kickstarter projects go unfunded. I’ve backed quite a few of them. This isn’t for the lack of people willing to contribute, but for how audiences are reached, and how said projects are affected by viral and word-of-mouth advertisement. I’m willing to bet that most theater fans and patrons aren’t ambling around on the internet looking to back projects, but (as one example) gamers and younger generations -are-. Indie gaming has seen an unprecedented boom due to crowd-funding, which is in-turn affected by peoples’ unhappiness with big-name gaming firms. Perhaps as younger audiences age and come into more spending power, they’ll be more willing to shell out for broader types of media.

    Kickstarter is hardly ‘begging’ unless the project creator believes it is so. It’s all about demand and demographic.

    What I mean to say is that crowdfunding generally appeals to a specific set of people, but it IS becoming more viable. You might be interested in what Storium has recently achieved: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stlhood/storium-the-online-storytelling-game

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