Hello, you are all warmly invited to a conversation about Dragon In The Post, crowd funded publishing, whether that can really be a grass roots publishing model and how to really make it work at my new Facebook page – Stories in The Post. Whether too I am wrong to gripe at the system or at so many free downloads, for instance, during The Light of The White Bear project, but little returned to support the writer behind them and get more work properly out there. It is at least wonderful to know my books were in demand, to the tune of nearly 8000 copies in a week.

The new page is to blog some of Dragon again and really build that grass roots interest, before perhaps launching once more to crowd fund a real book, in the post. As ever it is an important model and doorway to many other projects and not just my own. To artists, writers, journalists and illustrators then, the doors are still wide open at Phoenix Ark Press, so do get in touch here or via Facebook.

The new page can be found by CLICKING HERE

David Clement-Davies May 2014


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