For a bit of a laugh and to say Happy Christmas and New Year to Pietrasanta and one and all, the opening of the Musical Cheese (AKA Mr Moliere’s Mouse) workshopped all those years ago at The Royal Academy of Music in London.  ‘N as the man says, God Bless Us Every One!


Where is this and what are we
Wondering what our fate will be?
Marching bravely through the light and shadows,
Paris raises alters and a gallows
Seeking our destiny
Bondage or liberty

Waiting gaily till they serve our supper
Slaving daily for our bread and butter
Yearning for a thrill
Learning how to kill

Look – we’re called the mob
That’s our job!

Have you known such poverty
Can they want equality?!
Sewing clothes that cover toff or peasant
Making, baking, plucking scrawny pheasant,
Theatres, for you to see
Prisons, won’t set us free

Come join us
Come out and join us – The People

Finding roles that we can make our mark in
Paris street girls love to strike a bargain!
Fighting, for a slice
Gambling, with the dice
Dear, they’re such a mob,
That’s our job!

Death is never far away
And fear is just the price we pay
So tell me, where’s my bread,
I need to ply a trade
And so I’ll fight, not be afraid
This I say

Drinking lovely grog
Scoffing, snails and frog,
Hear that noisy mob,
Spare a bob!

(The Mob speak)

Hope is waiting round the bend
A hope that never, ever ends
So show me to his bed
I ache to know the way
And live to love another day
Thus I pray

(The Church Doctors and Nobles speak)

Love is what we need to feel
A love as deep as it is real
Oh help us on our way
And take me by the hand
Together we can understand
Hand in hand

(Nothing more!)


Where is this and who are we
Do we want fraternity?
Raising houses, filled with hope and sadness
Paris brings us joy or lonely madness
Bitter, our life can be
Life’s not – quite up to me!
Scrambling up from filth and utter squalor
Even Priests can wear a dirty collar

Come be us
Your heart beats through us – in Paris

Love is what we need to feel
A love as deep as it is real
So help us on our way
And take me by the hand
Together we can understand
Hand in hand

Living in the drains
Stinking, for our pains
Strolling through the park
Loving, in the dark
Fighting, for the King
Freedom, that’s the thing!
Jostling, in the crowd
Testing – what’s allowed
There, we’re quite a Mob
Just the job!

Enter Mr Moliere!

Copyright David Clement-Davies, Story, Book and lyrics and Michael Jeffrey, Music, Phoenix Ark Press 2014. All rights reserved.


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