Well, dears, I can’t help it if nobody listens, but as Bobolan watches and dreams of the theatre and being an actor, so comes the return of the great Monsieur Moliere himself! Of course, longing to be a great tragedian, he was always better at comedy, but right now he is in great singing voice….

LYRICS – Mr Moliere’s Song

Some build ships, others fight
Some make pots of clay,
But since I was a boy I’ve longed to write,
To pen a marvellous play.
Some bake cakes, others sew,
Some just watch the sky,
But since I was lad, I’ve planned the show
To make you laugh and cry.

Look who’s back here in Paris
Just the name you should know
Life’s a marvel in Paris,
We’re hungry for a show.

Some stay young, others age
Some just turn to drink
But all I ever need is an open stage
And paper, pen and ink.

I’ve held a hope so long
So fast I’ve run
From what they told me once I’d be
I know their words were wrong
No place I’m me –
Except among the ones who need a show.

I’ve had a dream so long
And though it’s fun
So many tried to hold and bind
But if I let them go
I think you’ll find
That nothing matters now but when we show
Our show.

Look who’s back here in Paris
Just the name you should know
Life’s a marvel in Paris
So welcome to the show.

Some drink wine, others gin
Some just like their facts,
But since I was a nip, I’ve longed to sing
In a show with seventeen acts.

Some bend rules, others bribe
Some must have their say,
But since I was a babe, I’ve ached to scribe
To write a fabulous play.

And since he was a babe, he’s ached to scribe
To write a fabulous play.


For though my heart still longs
So far I’ve come
From all the ones I’ve left behind
That while their faces stay,
I know they’ve gone
And nothing matters now but what’s to show,
What’s to show?

Some want war, others peace,
Some like Human Rights,
But since I was a boy, I’ve loved the grease
And the dance of flickering lights.
Some are happy, others cracked,
Some think life unfair,
But nothing is as grand, when you want to act
As the plays of Moliere
As a play by Moliere.


Story, book and Lyrics by David Clement-Davies, Music by Michael Jeffrey, 2014 Phoenix Ark Press. All rights strictly reserved.

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