Well, after meeting all those terrible, tragic characters down in the filthy Paris sewers of course Bobolan must meet lovely Collette and sing their love song “Now I know his Face“. To hear it again just CLICK HERE. But separated from Colette and his family and getting further and further from the theatre and his dreams, now our hero falls among thieves and their leader Zola, quite a mouseketeer!

So, to take us to the interval and thunderous applause, but to underline needed rehearsal too, nervous and rather skeptical Bobolan meets the sharpest bunch of cut purses and murderous mouse pads in all of Paris, with good hearts though and plenty of courage! Who of course adopt Bobolan immediately, show him how to fight and celebrate the fact that he wants to be an actor. But who exactly are they and what do they do?!


What a place, is it true?

Just sit down and listen, you.
Take some wine, break some bread

First, please tell me, who are you?

We’re the wild bunch,
We’re the brat pack,
We’re the meanest dudes around
We’re the cool gang,
On a free lunch,
We’re the keenest crooks in town.

Down here, near us,
You can’t fear us
Zola’s word will do
Though you’re here late,
Drink a beer, mate
Join our gang, won’t you?

And we’ll all gang up to show you what to do
Yeah, we’re all join in to praise our Desperate Crew!

Just budge up – why don’t you?
Then sit up and listen, do.

Take some cheese,
Break some bread.

First, please tell me, what you do!

If you knew the sew-ers,
Where the cut-throats creep,
Soon you’d learn the lesson – that our life is cheap!
If you lived in fe-ar
Starving for some bread
Nights – as black as coal – are never done with
Days – that eat your soul – you can’t have fun with
How we’ve all bled
While we’re living down here.

Where is here, is this true?

YES – sit down and list-en do!
Rob some cheese
Steal some bread

First, PLEASE tell me, who are you?

We’re the Brat Pack
In a Rat Race
We’re the keenest swords around
We’re the Cool Bunch
On a free brunch
We’re the meanest dudes in town.

Don’t be wary, down here near us
Zola’s word is true
It ain’t scary – IF you hear us
Join our gang, yeah do.
Then we’all all be here to show you something new
Now we’ve all joined in to praise a Desperate Crew!


For it’s often fun – when you’re on the run
And your colleagues aren’t so able
And you’re not alone, in our nice snug home
And there’s food upon the table

Cheese and meat and bread and wine

But it’s really great, when it’s getting late
And you wander down the cobbles
Then you stumble son, on a very tidy sum
Stolen from the nobles!


We’re the Brat Pack
In a Rat Race
We the keenest blades around
We’re the Cool Bunch
On a free Brunch
We’re the meanest dudes in town

But don’t be wary, down here near us
Zola’s words are true
It ain’t scary, if you hear us
Take a nap, yeah do
Then we’ll all be here to show you something new
Now we’ve all laid down to dream a Desperate Crew!


MR MOLIERE’S MOUSE, aka CHEESE, aka LES MOUSERABLES – Story, book and lyrics by David Clement-Davies, music by Michael Jeffrey. From the Royal Academy of Music Workshop. Sound effects by Lee Crichlow. All rights strictly reserved. 2014

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