Hello, in fact it’s called Mr Moliere’s Mouse (aka CHEESE or Les Mouserables!), written my David Clement-Davies and Michael Jeffrey and work shopped at The Royal Academy of Music in London. It’s about a family of mice who live under the stage of the old Paris Theatre, the Mousettes, and especially the youngest and bravest, our hero – Bobolan. Poor Bobolan has absurdly long ears he keeps tripping over and is teased mercilessly because of his terrible stutter. But who, while trying to avoid the rats led by the vicious Scarapino, high in the balconies, goes on dreaming of one day becoming a great actor. Just like the celebrated playwright Jean Baptiste Moliere, who returns one day to woo the whole of Paris with his genius. Never give up on your dreams!!!

This song is about Bobolan’s meeting with the pretty Colette, as the Mousettes flee down into the terrible Paris sewers – So the all important bit happens, falling in love, as they sing the duet ‘Now I know his face…“. Though the recording is scratchy, the young performers at the Royal Academy were wonderful and this is in honour of them and the young talent who have helped Phoenix Ark Press.

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What’s this, what’s this feeling,
Tell me, am I dreaming dreams?
Now I know his face
Now I’ve seen that smile
How my heart is racing
Shall I stay a while?

Now I’ve touched his hand
Now I’ve heard his voice
Is this understanding
That I have no choice?
No choice – but to love him, no choice – but to care
Is it true I love him, now I know he’s there?

Tell me, show me, is this love – that I feel?
Show me, tell me, can this be real?
Tell me, show me, is it wrong, is it right,
Am I feeling – love at first sight?
What’s this, such a feeling
Pinch me, am I dreaming – dreams?

Now I’ve seen that face
Like the summer skies
How my soul is pacing
Will he realize?

And how shall I love him
How should I care
Should I simply miss him
Till he’s standing there?
Tell me, show me, is this love – that I feel?
Help me, tell me, can this be real?
Tell me, show me, is it wrong, is it right,
Am I feeling, love at first sight?

Now I’ve seen his face
Now I love those eyes
This is understanding
That I’ve found the prize.

What’s this,
What’s this feeling?
Tell me,
Am I dreaming – dreams?

So Bobolan, lost in the sewers, further from the theatre, turns and sings of his love for Collette too. (The song is just over 5 and not 7 minutes)

Copyright Clement-Davies and Jeffrey 2014, Phoenix Ark Press. Story, book and lyrics by David Clement-Davies, Music by Michael Jeffrey. Unathorised redistribution of this work in any other form is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

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    As the Dragon In The Post fight hots up, towards that August 27th deadline, and to remember the vital muse and that it’s all about art, passion fun and creativity too DCD reblogs the love song from his musical CHEESE! Hooray and let’s make this happen…

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