UPDATE: The crowd funded book on Indiegogo, you will get in the post, is now at a soaring 50%!

Anyone supporting the Dragon In The Post publishing project knows that one of the reasons I have chosen the Indiegogo Flexible Funding model is that I’m working during all this to bring my first and favourite novel Fire Bringer back into hard copy availability in the UK. That means some POD platform, Print on Demand, although it would be nice to try and get it back into bookshops too. It was published for 12 years and I still think Macmillan did not stand up enough for a book some think a classic and which Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, called one of the best anthropomorphic fantasies known to him..

But in that vein I just contacted the original artist for the book cover, Kenny Mckendry, who said it has brought him and his work much interest over the years and has kindly sent me photos of the original painting. The question to the Street Team then is should I go with an original, classic design or try and do a completely new edition? The painting is above, showing Rannoch as a young stag and you can visit Kenny’s website at

With our needing to get to 50% funding this week you can also see the Dragon In The Post project and support the campaign by CONTRIBUTING HERE

Thank you and going up into the skies today!


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