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Front Cover

Thanks to the Crowd Funding team who have made Dragon In The Post possible too, which comes on apace, filled with strange mythical animals and the wild adventures of Garth Madfall, the classic fantasy Fire Bringer is now available for Christmas, in hard copy print once more, as well as in eBook format from Phoenix Ark Press. You can get a copy directly by CLICKING HERE. It is also available via Amazon US and in Germany, Italy and France.

But for the Dragon In The Post team who backed the project and David’s work at £25 or more, before the perk price was lowered during the campaign, there will of course also be a free copy of Fire Bringer winging its way to you soon. Thank you all again.


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photo (2) Hello, I haven’t run away with the cash, nor spent it celebrating the new United harmony of the British peoples, convinced the Welsh and the real Celts were always the warmest and the best, but flown off to live cheap on Corfu and write Dragon In The Post! Fire Bringer is coming too, thanks to you, although I have a lot to say about the packaged awfulness of Amazon and Createspace, while I’m pondering whether to try and Crowd Fund Light of The White Bear too, giving Phoenix Ark the USP (Unique Selling Point – eeeew) of being the only little publisher to be truly grass roots and completely Crowd Funded. Along with the tag line “The author they couldn’t kill!” I know it might strike terror in the hearts and wallets of backers, not to mention my own, but it would also make a grass roots publishing tale entirely real. Would it work though and how painful would it be?

But is the question now, never go back? I say it because after a lovely few days, following 15 solid days of rain out here and now sharp, Greek sun across that sparking blue, things are not as they seemed or were. The charming waiter on the little island of Vidos, opposite Corfu town, has vanished, to be replaced by a sullen old timer slamming down ashtrays, while I found the beautiful groved restaurant overlooking the sea, at Aloniki Bay, where we had a lovely home cooked lunch when I first arrived too years ago. Yet only to be jipped a vast 14 Euros on the tiny, oily, boggle-eyed fish. Ah me, all is change and sometimes too fast. It seems embarrassing and petty to complain when everyone is going through it, and the nice owner made some amends when he said ‘come back and eat free next time – if you don’t have the fish!” yet it troubled the perfection of this magic isle. But the place is beautiful and rich as ever, Prospero’s Isle, work is being done and the answer is, ever forward, with stories and real life too.

The picture is DCD’s, of the fishy grove and a writer’s lunch table, where at least some postcards have been written!

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UPDATE: The crowd funded book on Indiegogo, you will get in the post, is now at a soaring 50%!

Anyone supporting the Dragon In The Post publishing project knows that one of the reasons I have chosen the Indiegogo Flexible Funding model is that I’m working during all this to bring my first and favourite novel Fire Bringer back into hard copy availability in the UK. That means some POD platform, Print on Demand, although it would be nice to try and get it back into bookshops too. It was published for 12 years and I still think Macmillan did not stand up enough for a book some think a classic and which Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, called one of the best anthropomorphic fantasies known to him..

But in that vein I just contacted the original artist for the book cover, Kenny Mckendry, who said it has brought him and his work much interest over the years and has kindly sent me photos of the original painting. The question to the Street Team then is should I go with an original, classic design or try and do a completely new edition? The painting is above, showing Rannoch as a young stag and you can visit Kenny’s website at http://www.kennymckendry.com

With our needing to get to 50% funding this week you can also see the Dragon In The Post project and support the campaign by CONTRIBUTING HERE

Thank you and going up into the skies today!


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When the dust settles on the Dragon In The Post kickstarter project running for 17 more days, win or lose, and thanks to the support of younger fans and backers too, an inspiring new generation coming of age, Phoenix Ark Press will bring a classic, Fire bringer, back into print copies again, in the UK and territories not controlled by the US and Canada, where it is still available (we think!). It is real books an author here loved and loves and many fans too, we believe, as opposed to the vast jumble of ebooks being pumped out there, many in part just to test markets. The model must be POD, publishing on demand, at Createspace, Lightening Source or perhaps another printing house.

So an open invitation stands to artists to show their interest now and perhaps win a cover design for that and our ebooks too, or tell us how to re-design everything at Phoenix Ark Press. Just write to us, or comment below. That is much part of the spirit of a Kickstarter project right now too, Dragon in The Post, that is still very much alive but which needs grass roots fire and backing. It can open a door, like a little Firecutter dragon trying to burn a doorway into wonderful worlds (you have to watch the film!), onto many other projects here too, including a Bear epic.

You can join the story of that, help it happen and become part of a wider adventure too by BACKING THE DRAGON!

Thank you again.


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Well, there you are. The Huffington Post announces that ‘Working Culture’ is making Britis ‘Sick, stressed and depressedClick here. Meanwhile banking crisis follows banking crisis, as those with their snouts in the trough run off with the cash, but the system affects everyone. Bob Diamond resigns over the Libor fixing and the HSBC is involved in drugs money laundering. Not to mention the corporate scandal of G4S in the Olympics, and David Cameron promising to ‘go after them’. That is a National scandal too, at the moment World attention is turning to London.

Perhaps, as FBI system’s man Danian Fabian gets an email, in the thriller The Godhead Game, inviting him to ‘change his life forever‘, we should all follow suite. Especially connected to systems like the Internet, even blogging, that probably disconnect lives more and more. So a world game begins, involving the Mayan Calendar and the ‘End of the World‘, this year, 2012. If we are all in need of a bit of moral or spiritual renewal, maybe The Godhead Game is another clue. It is available at Amazon.com or Click here

Fire Bringer, US Edition, is also available for FREE download today Click here

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A Charming Letter, On Facebook

Dear Mr Clement-Davies,

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you! I 1st read Fire Bringer 10 or 11 years ago, at the time I must admit, being 14 I wasn’t a huge reader. I first picked up the book as we had one English lesson per week so we had half an hour reading. I can’t remember the exact reason why I picked up the book, but once I did I couldn’t put it down until it was finished. Since that point, I have regularly been immersed in one book or another.

I recently found a copy of Fire Bringer in a 2nd hand shop and was delighted to have the chance to read it again, and once more I didn’t put it down until it was done!! It really is a fantastic book that has had the same effect on me as an adult as it did as a child.

Many thanks for your time in reading this.

Many kind regards,


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(Please contact the Blog if you want your letters removed)

Saturday Telegraph Review May 3, 2008 – Fell

“One might have thought that after more than a century of vampire stories, begun by Bram Stoker, the dramatic possibilities of Transylvania and the Carpathian mountains had now been exhausted by genre writers. Not so. This is a startlingly involving, richly textured tale…written with style and élan. His headlong narrative – full of peasant stockades, impenetrable forests and ice caves, is summoned with a brilliant vividness. Those ghostly old Carpathian foothills have been given a new lease of life.”

Sinclair McKay

Dear David,

Together, you and Erin Hunter have inspired me to write a novel. I am, merely, a twelve year old girl with high demands at what a book should be. But ‘The Sight’ and the series by Erin Hunter ‘Seekers’ are just that. To me, they are right up there with Watership Down, The Animals of Farthing and all those other brilliant books that don’t always end happily, and explain death as well as life.I have yet to read ‘Fell’ but am eagerly awaiting the day when my Dad is going to take me to a Book Shop, which will hopefully be soon.

I can imagine that you are an incredibly busy person (writing is extremely time consuming I know) but I was wondering if, when you are stuck for things to do, places to go or people to see. That you could have a quick glance at the beginning of my book, which is called the Kirja. It’s a mere 9,000 (or there abouts) pages, but I’m trying to write at least 500 words every day. Just knowing that you’ve actually looked at my work, would spur me on to write better and expand my writing style to broader horizons.
But mainly this email is just to say Thank You. In The Sight, you have created the most brilliant thing, which is more than just a book; it is a place where I can escape to.
From your ‘fan’,


The first book of yours I read was The Sight, I bought it at a little store in Jackson, Wyoming when I saw camping. I was seventeen and it was the first book I that when I started reading I couldn’t and wouldn’t put it down until I was done. You are the only author who I check to see if there is a new book out everytime I enter a bookstore. I love reading your stories and becoming completely engrossed in them. I look forward to reading more. Thank you for the great reads! Holly

Hello Mr. Davies,

If you have not read The Thief Lord, I would highly recommend it. Her writing is absolutely beautiful, just like yours. I am a big fan of your books the Sight and Fell (REMARKABLE!) and The Thief Lord just has this magical appeal to it, even though it is not necessarily fantasy related until the end, which totally took me by surprise and I think it will take you by surprise as well. You, Cornelia Funke, and Jk Rowling are my biggest inspirations when it comes to writing. I hope to one day follow in your footsteps.

I hope all is well and please take care!

aspiring author,

By far my favorite children’s book moment would have to be in “The Sight” when you find out that Fell is ……… and that he is able to turn his life around. I have read both “Fell” and “The Sight” and loved them. You should really write more on the subject of wolves from the perspective of the wolves. They were brilliant, compelling, and stimulating. Please write another wolf book, either a continuation from the Sight and fell or another wolf pack. I am sure that there would be no issues finding a publisher or readers!!! Thanks!DY

When Fell rose from the water to fight Jalgan, that was AMAZING! I was reading and it just really stood out. I had dreams of it for the next week or so! Fell is one of my favorite characters, and when I saw that there was a book
about him, I was telling everyone I knew for the past month or so.

I’m 16 yrs. old, but your books have moved me and encouraged me to write more. I must say you are my favorite author. I wanted to remind you that your writing effects others like myself. I truly hope that I will one day be
able to write like you. AW

Re Firebringer: I have read this book 4 times and am in the middle of the fifth go. It is an amazing book and an inspiration to all. It shows the true values of friendship and courage. I adore every moment of adventure that Rannoch, and his friends encounter. Thank you, this book changed my life.

You are a genius! The Sight was magnificent! I don’t know how you did it! But Fell was even better, it brought in my life dream , to have a wolf commpanion! You should so do a third about a new prophecy that Fell tells to his children when he dies!! B

I’m going to tell you that I feel that anyone who gives good advice is a friend and, as I want to be an author, by reading your book you gave me advice. Your book was compelling and it inspired me to write my own book.
‘The Journey’Thank you ACH Age 12

Dear Mr Clement-Davies,
Thank you very much for your kind words and for taking the time to respond. I’m happy to say that I’ve recently signed a contract with a literary agency and I’m working on edits as I write this. I’ve also started work on a second novel, so things are very exciting at present. Thanks again for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
Best regards
S (nice that you like my name, it means “rose” in Hebrew)

Dear David,

Things are even better – I’ve just signed a publishing contract with Little Acorn Press to publish “The Witch’s Book.” Thanks for your encouragement and kind words, much appreciated.

Best wishes,

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