Well, this cynical, snap election is tomorrow and we urge you to vote tactically for the only party apart from The Greens calling for a second referendum on Europe and Brexit, the Liberals, who may double their seats. But elsewhere to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. He will not win it, indeed his cabinet is not fit for office, and yet he has a voice of real integrity that must be heard. Especially in the face of Teresa May’s utterly cynical soundbite political opportunism. A woman who voted to stay in Europe jumped on the Brexit bandwagon, was so stupid to make it a Hard Brexit, when no one else around the world can understand it, and is playing the strong-Britain card like a puppet of the Ministry of Truth or one of the bad witches in Harry Potter.  What turned it for us though was not only Corbyn’s marvellously improved speech making and rally to arms, which has breathed new life into a democratic process, but his saying he would not be afraid to pick up the phone and tell Donald Trump he is simply wrong about Climate Change and so much more.  In such contrast to May’s very Tory scramble to suck up to Trump, getting promises that mean absolutely nothing, now Trump has gone rather quiet on Brexit and Britain being at the head of any queue.   People have come to power on populist opportunism and we need conviction politics everywhere.  Good luck tomorrow.

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