If the Hung Parliament exit polls prove right this is the most extraordinary moment in British Politics and the chance to pull back from the Abyss. The Abyss being Brexit.  It is what the Election was cynically called on, what both major parties have avoided campaigning on at all, for any Labour successes, and what the Liberals have failed to be really heard on.  But with a slightly improved Liberal representation and a weakened SNP, pro Europe, potentially pro a dissolution of the Union, those two parties must come together very quickly to change the shape of Brexit, even force a new election on the issue that has been so avoided. The Referendum that should never have been called was no great victory, it split the country in two, 52 to 48%, and it was absolutely no justification for May’s revolting, opportunistic vaulte farce and ruthless politicking.  Whatever happens tonight her cynicism has failed and her position will very quickly prove untenable.  Unless of course the exit polls prove very wrong, as they did in 1992. Watch these spaces!

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