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So predictably the inevitable criticism comes about trying to tell the truth! Just to set the record straight, I’m very grateful indeed to those who pledged, with real hearts. It’s just that this isn’t a new phenomenon, Phoenix Ark was itself created to try and fight a system and explain a very particular story too, and that has been happening not for 30 days, but six years. Those who have not done it could not possibly know what it can be like, right or wrong.

Why in fact should someone pretend they get particular joy though from trying to even communicate, being the all singing promoter they are just not, or not wanting to send round robin emails or push people to take a Pledge, when they had dedicated their life to really communicating and really earned the right to do so too? I must be one of the only writers who told his fans if they didn’t like a story, including mine, then cast it aside and find a better on. It doesn’t matter, just a blip in the system, but when you see the same thing, again and again, who is it that actually stops to talk about the ‘culture’ of it all, the pressure or disconnection? I can assure you what happened over Light of the White Bear was absolutely savage. Go down with a smile, but really don’t be made to engage against the grain of who you are, ever. Besides, the proof of the pie’s in the eating and that’s fine too.

The final truth is that when noise is made you see the stats rising, but no change. Because there are real human beings behind all the Facebook fronts, the communication of how well you are doing, how pretty you are, how fine it all is, including me. So it means that people are willing to note the oddity, or give a tut tut, or a knowing smile, but not actually do a thing. You see I also know the vast majority of people who follow a blog are people I know. Woe betide them if they ever faced what I did, the room 101 to an author, a really rather extraordinary story too, but do they dare to step out of the frame themselves? Not often. The approach to Kickstarter remains then and if you could like to see the real reason the film is available by CLICKING HERE

In the meantime, it’s high time Phoenix Ark turned to comedy, and the London spring, much more fun!




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Secondly, out of the ultimate disrespect to authors that is unfolding everywhere, in today’s world of mass communication, and excessive competition.” makes no sense at all…

You’ve haven’t thought this through, have you? When Martin Amis, or Joe Bloggs for that matter, publishes his next book with you, you’re going to talk about “a writer was so badly disrespected in New York” in their book? Where’s the respect? Your press is a good idea, but you HAVE to take your problems out of it. HA

Dear H,

since that’s the third very forthright comment, I am genuinely touched by your concern. The first two books published are by me, so in answer to your question, no, I would not have that line in another author’s work, though I hope I hear from authors who have had similar battles, and may be able to help. I have thought things through a very great deal, including the paradox of a blog, where I feel I have a right to tell an extraordinary personal story, problematic or not, alongside a website for a little publisher. At least this is all real, and from the heart. The truth is things change too, as possibilities change, and I have not raised the money I need to conventionally publish great work (well, that’s for the reader to decide). So I am having to take an enormous risk, and try to get it out there, however I can. At least then good work will see the light of day, and some income may come, and frankly this has been a battle to recover my own self respect, out of that fiasco in New York. It’s very far from ideal, and it really is why it would be lovely if readers spread the word, as much as they can. Think of this as a cottage industry, the River Cottage of fighting publishers, as all publishers throw up their hands in horror too at the conundrum of digital publishing, but one day I may be able to inspire authors to lift up their manuscripts and walk. As for Martin Amis, I could not afford to buy his work…yet. Anyway, Amis may have touches of greatness, but he does go on about respecting the hegemonic power! Joe Blogg’s work I only want if it’s great, and he’s fun to be around. Perhaps you’d like to join in and be an editor!

All my best,

David Clement-Davies

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