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Mayan Calendar, According To Poll One In 10 People Believe That The End Of The Mayan Calendar Points To Doomsday – it is a Friday 13th headline in the Latina section of The Huff Post, Click here, but perhaps folk might also read the article on the front page of The Weissman Report in New York, Welcome to The Mayan End of Everything, Click here, by The Godhead Game author David Clement-Davies. All the theories are also inside that other read, the thriller itself. If there’s time, that is!

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There is a great deal written about it on the internet, including sites dedicated to the so called Mayan prophecy and the end of the world.  That has been calculated as 21st December 2012, so just six months to go, although another caulcuation would place it on the 23rd.  The Winter Solstice was of course a hugely significant time, not only to the Mayans.   It stems from a reading of the Mayan Long Count Calendar and a stele in Honduras, the ‘6th Monument’.  That relates to the end of the 13th Baktun, Baktun’s being extended lengths of time, where one scholar has interpreted the incomplete inscription as reading Then it shall happen, the darkness.  There are also references to the Mayan Monkey God Bolon Yokte Ku. 

David Clement-Davies does not pretend to be a Mayan scholar, but his new thriller The Godhead Game incorporates many of the real theories about this year and the end of the Long Count, to discuss contemporary beliefs and fears, in our increasing Age of Anxiety.  Another theory is that it does not represent any kind of catastrophe at all, but the beginning of a new age of Man and even a new spiritual age. Perhaps that is what the story is really about, Mankind waking up to one another again and nature all around us, good and bad.

He started the book some time ago, researching at the British Museum,  and was especially interested in real totemic Crystal Skulls, that exist in various museums around the world, and in private collector’s hands.  Some may be Aztec, Mayan and Toltec.  But then the Spielburg film Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls came out and the project was shelved, until now.  A huge fan of the Indiana Jones stories, he found the use of the skulls less than satisfying.  So this is his take, crafting an adventure that incorporates both a physical contest and a strange mind game, with the search for a skull that could destroy the universe itself!  Full of philisophical ideas, it posits the existence of  a mysterious and deadly Council, and a group called the Imaginati.  So the Games begin –  A Game of Secrets, A Hunt for Skulls, A Battle of Spies.  “Read it, perphaps before it’s too late to read anything at all,” he jokes, with a grin like a Crystal Skull.

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