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More Four’s documentary on the Mayans and this year’s supposed apocalypse, in december, with the end of the thirteenth baktun from their “Long Count” calendar was rather good. In our age of super anxiety, all of it’s ideas are reflected in the thriller The GodHead Game. Though to help a sigh of relief, it is set in 2014. The documentary’s most fascinating moment was wandering around the excavations of the city El Mirador, from one of the world’s five founding civilisation, now folded back into the rainsforests. Highlighting how all civilisations have risen and fallen too, so we might start to wake up to something.

It mentioned religious and milarianist hysteria, which is as old as the hills. Also Europeans creating an industry, spawning thousands of books and websites. Well, it might be nice to see 62 Million copies of The Godhead Game sold, like the space-man Mayan “theorist” Erik Von Daniken. But, if meant to be enjoyable, a good narrative read, the thriller’s themes are more serious.

Perhaps it’s time we stopped talking about religion, or more importantly spirituality, as just wrong, but a very different kind of language to science. One contained in the emotional and indeed moral nature of man, as Jung believed human consciousness has an essential “religious” element, where science has no essential moral, but is obviously a vital way of deconstructing, understanding and redefining. For a copy of The Godhead Game, to read before December’s end, in your nuclear bunker, for several years just after, or just at home on the sofa, CLICK HERE

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