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Well, people have enquired many times here, and it has taken eight or more years, but a fan here, supporter, young author himself and online US publisher, Jonathan Thurston, will publish SCREAM OF THE WHITE BEAR by David Clement-Davies, in 2018. Actually it is to be entitled CRY OF THE WHITE BEAR, in the spirit of a new adventure, and leaving behind the really terrible battle that was fought over it and other principals of art, law, truth and decency, with the major New York publisher Harry N. Abrams.  Which, because so much is about money over principle in the world today, has sky-rocketed to success with Young Adult books like A Diary Of A Wimpy Kind, that has sold over 180 Million copies.  The real story of its delay is probably as powerful as the book, but although David is sceptical about so much about the Internet world, or indeed how you really publish without the powers that be, or how much people are truly reading and connecting now, it is entirely appropriate that a young man of talent and passion like Jonathan tries to bring it to the world, with a quiet apology from the author for having disappointed his fans and readers for too long.



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No one is immune to the impact of climate change, which is fuelling war, hastening natural disasters, causing the extinction of species and threatens to drag societies back into poverty, the most comprehensive study into the phenomenon has warned. “Nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change,” IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri told a press conference at the launch of the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in Yokohama, Japan. Michel Jarraud, secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organisation, said the report, the most comprehensive to date, said it showed that “now, ignorance is no longer a good excuse” for inaction to tackle the threat.

That’s the front page of the Huffington Post today and it’s clear the IPCC doesn’t tell many jokes! But the problem is either as a species we are asleep, are failing and also brow beaten under a mechanism bigger than any individual, or Doom and Gloom turns people off. Just as real footage of what happened in Nazi Germany closed eyes, while human soap operas on TV massively opened hearts and minds. People have to empathize directly, Mankind cannot stand too much reality, and the first medium for that is drama and fiction. Since an element of it is in Light of The White Bear on Kickstarter, at least you can prove a moments awareness and sad eyed solidarity by going to have a look. There are only 9 days to go.

A Chain Letter approach too would be to target just on good mate today who might enjoy a beautifully designed, signed book, an animal epic, all the other ideas at Phoenix Ark too and pledge, by pressing the Back this Project button. Perhaps only matching what you have kindly done. You can see a quick talk and the project by CLICKING HERE

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For Sarah, so sorry that the link to Kickstarter and Light of the White Bear wasn’t working yesterday. I hope it does now by CLICKING HERE

It really needs support now, if you want to be a reader and person waking up to connections in the world.
But if technophobes here have still got it wrong, you can instead Copy and Paste the URL into your browser https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1159695087/light-of-the-white-bear

I think if we reach just 30% today we still have a melting ice cap’s chance of doing it!!!! Whether it’s there only being two months of ice in Greenland, when there used to be five, and this has happened in our lifetimes, or supporting Ban Ki-Moon’s cry and the UN New York summit in September, or just the love of good story and many blocked projects at Phoenix Ark it would be lovely and important having you along.

Thanks so much.



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Scream of the White Bear by David Clement-Davies, the book that helped cause a horror story in New York, the complete disrespect of fundamental artistic, human and contractual principals there, and led to the birth of Phoenix Ark Press too, will also be published by this August, at the latest. Since David, with the help of the US Author’s Guild, took back his eRights from Abrams on two other novels, who when challenged to sue him backed down within a day, but also got his eRights from Dutton in America, he will go on fighting for his work and voice, for a far more transparent and human artistic world, and for the work of others too. Dear reader, you are all invited to join the Phoenix story and an adventure where fact became stranger than fiction.

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