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So, with the old Paris theatre open again Bobolan gets to see some wonderful acting and dream his dreams, (with an in-the-wings argument about calling a musical CHEESE!) But with all the noise and those enormous human feet around, Scarapino and the rats decide to take it out on the mice and drive the poor Mousette family down into the underworld and the terrible Paris sewers! Where, inspired by Victor’s sewing and Hugo’s writings perhaps, as Bobolan dreams of a play, we really meet that miserable, struggling mass of mousery, who sing their song too…


We haven’t eaten for a week
We never rest and barely sleep
We’re lost and hungry, cold and sad,
What hope is there
When life is cheap
When life is Maaaa-ad?

We know the price we have to pay
The cost of living every day
We’re racked with illness, half insane
What health is there
When life is cheap
When life is Paaaa-in?

Pain and sadness, fear and sorrow
Total madness, no tomorrow
Tell us why?
Here we live in filth and horror
Born in darkness, raised in squalor
Where’s the sky?

Our friends will cheat us of our bread
We only eat, when someone’s dead
Our only reason, if we fight
What peace is there when life is cheap
When life is bliii-ght?

We pick our living through the dust
But rarely dare to ever trust
We wade through filth and live in grime
What love is there
When life is cheap
When life’s a crime?

Crime and evil
Hate and blindness
No more love and no more kindness
Born to die!

Thus we wade through vice, not virtue
Born to cheat you, raised to hurt you
Tell us why?

We wait like shadows for the end
A fate that waits round every bend
What kind of life is this we lead
So wrought with sickness, filled with need?
What can we do but cry and weep
When life’s so cheap.

Story, book and lyrics by David Clement-Davies, brilliant music by Michael Jeffrey, Copyright Phoenix Ark Press 2014. This sequence was sound synced by the multi bafta winner Lee Crichlow. PS M Jeffrey is a twat (this is the personal opinion of the author and has no reflection on any real characters involved.)

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Phoenix Ark Press are delighted to announce, for the first time, the publication to e-book of The Telling Pool by David Clement-Davies. Available from Amazon, The Telling Pool is a mystical and richly woven Arthurian fantasy, following the adventures and coming of age story of Rhodri Falcon, which was short-listed for the Tir Na Nog prize in the UK. Its publication precedes a number of exciting new titles this year including Scream of the White Bear, The Terror Time Spies, The Dragon Book and The Godhead Game. Also to be published are exclusive US editions of FireBringer and The Sight and a coedition of The Sight and Fell.

From Booklist:

Gr. 6-9. A wizened crone at the village fair reads the cards for young Rhodri Falcon, revealing the suffering to come from a looming war. In his haste to escape from the crone’s strange intensity, Rhodri is drawn toward a grizzled and blind blacksmith who speaks of quests, a true sword, and the mysterious Telling Pool. These ancients’ interest in Rhodri, the son of a Welsh falconer who serves a Norman lord during the time of the Third Crusade, hinges on an ancestry of which he has no knowledge: Rhodri is descended from Arthur’s Guinevere and has an important role to play in the dark times ahead. With the aid of the blacksmith, the powers of the Telling Pool, his beloved rock falcon, a wise young woman, and an infamous sword, Rhodri must walk a difficult path to save his family, king, and country from the forces of evil…a satisfying and well-crafted story that through Arthurian lore, brings a steadfast young boy to manhood and adult understanding. Holly Koelling
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

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Foreman Saul is one of Phoenix Ark’s more elusive and mercurial authors; a little like the great Leonardo himself. A journalist and historian , with a name you might think stems from across the Atlantic, rather than the Europe of his upbringing, he has specialised in both the Civilisation of the Italian Renaissance and travel throughout Europe and Italy.‘Who or why, or where or what?’ is Foreman Saul, we sometimes joke at the office, as he pops in and out, but he usually shrugs and certainly raises an eyebrow about some of the more exotic theories on one of his great heroes, Leonardo Da Vinci!

Phoenix are delighted to give you a taste of his Introduction to this little book of huge insights, far beyond their time:

Many have earned themselves little books of wisdom in collections of their sayings, but it is not something you might immediately expect from such a scientific figure as Leonardo da Vinci, who was born 1492 and died in 1519. The epitome of a ‘Renaissance Man’, Leonardo is best known for his paintings, drawings, and numerous practical and mechanical inventions. He also left 13,000 pages of notes and reflections, in jottings, observations and thoughts, mostly to aid his work, often disordered, so never intended for publication. That jumble is what most justifies a new approach to re-ordering some of his words, into categories of useful life reflections… We are flooded with ‘self help’ books and life guides purporting to supply ‘The Secret’, but what better way to walk through life than in the company of a truly towering genius?”

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Scream of the White Bear by David Clement-Davies, the book that helped cause a horror story in New York, the complete disrespect of fundamental artistic, human and contractual principals there, and led to the birth of Phoenix Ark Press too, will also be published by this August, at the latest. Since David, with the help of the US Author’s Guild, took back his eRights from Abrams on two other novels, who when challenged to sue him backed down within a day, but also got his eRights from Dutton in America, he will go on fighting for his work and voice, for a far more transparent and human artistic world, and for the work of others too. Dear reader, you are all invited to join the Phoenix story and an adventure where fact became stranger than fiction.

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Books are not yet available for order

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Books are not yet available for order

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Protected: Tamar Brazis, and publishing revolutions – My, Grandmother Abrams, what big teeth you have!

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