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Have they been reading The Godhead Game, or have they really discovered the Godhead Particle?! With all the thrill at CERN yesterday, discovering proof of the Higgs Boson, weary eyed scientists, reminding us of the astonishment of everything, are all cordially invited to read the new ‘thriller of the century’, about the Mayan end of the world, this year, 2012. The clock is ticking! Many of its themes are science ‘versus’ faith, or some kind of spirit, and a stranger understanding of ‘reality’ and each other, so if the ‘God Damn’ particle was misnamed, as one scientist said irritably, perhaps it is all about language. But to get the language right, this admittedly is a shameless plug. The Godhead Game by David Clement-Davies, available from Amazon.com or Click here

We could not find a picture of said particle, or is it wave or particle? But instead, and in the spirit of enquiry, adventure and a good read, we offer this:

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