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Well, Phoenix Ark Readers you’re doing it again! The stats and so the readership are leaping up, no doubt with all the personal stuff, but the PLEDGES are still limping along, like wounded or drowning polar bears. Despite that most fantastic jump yesterday and just now, thank you, Adam, Martin and Yasmin, which proves it can happen. Would you like your life though, work, art or blogs to be a nasty spectator sport, much the world sport nowadays on the bad mirror of the Internet and Facebook?

What a wonderful comment by Yasmin though, below – “There are only two authors that I can say that have had a profound influence on my life and you are one of them.”

So please don’t just LIKE, though that’s great too, but really support and if you can’t afford anything, spread the word too. Moving towards a Grand THERE IS STILL A VERY GREAT CHANCE but since a fan worked out this Kickstarter effort needs around £274 a day (though experts say it hots up in the last ten days), THIS IS THE WEEK THAT COUNTS, the week of making, and YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL MAKE IT COUNT OR FAIL. Here’s looking at you, kids.

So again I go on camera and talk about personal things, books being very personal, wear a silly hat with the badge of the Chitral Scouts, read, howl, tear up contracts as bad and ruthless editors did, while serving their careers alone, explain this serious fight against the system and attempt to communicate through the awful wall of non-communication and isolation all over the Internet. But also talk about why I am NOT BEING NEGATIVE either, out of a six year not 30 days battle, just not really being quite heard yet, and am trying to find some warrior spirit again too. After all, Light of The White Bear is both about planet saving and Warrior Storytellers!

You can see all the embarrassment by CLICKING HERE

Thank you.


Just to note there is a REMIND ME link at Kickstarter (Thanks to Shiela at Wands and Worlds)


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Phoenix Ark Press are delighted to announce, for the first time, the publication to e-book of The Telling Pool by David Clement-Davies. Available from Amazon, The Telling Pool is a mystical and richly woven Arthurian fantasy, following the adventures and coming of age story of Rhodri Falcon, which was short-listed for the Tir Na Nog prize in the UK. Its publication precedes a number of exciting new titles this year including Scream of the White Bear, The Terror Time Spies, The Dragon Book and The Godhead Game. Also to be published are exclusive US editions of FireBringer and The Sight and a coedition of The Sight and Fell.

From Booklist:

Gr. 6-9. A wizened crone at the village fair reads the cards for young Rhodri Falcon, revealing the suffering to come from a looming war. In his haste to escape from the crone’s strange intensity, Rhodri is drawn toward a grizzled and blind blacksmith who speaks of quests, a true sword, and the mysterious Telling Pool. These ancients’ interest in Rhodri, the son of a Welsh falconer who serves a Norman lord during the time of the Third Crusade, hinges on an ancestry of which he has no knowledge: Rhodri is descended from Arthur’s Guinevere and has an important role to play in the dark times ahead. With the aid of the blacksmith, the powers of the Telling Pool, his beloved rock falcon, a wise young woman, and an infamous sword, Rhodri must walk a difficult path to save his family, king, and country from the forces of evil…a satisfying and well-crafted story that through Arthurian lore, brings a steadfast young boy to manhood and adult understanding. Holly Koelling
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

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