The sporting thriller, The Godhead Game, predicts that Obama will win the US elections, and other events in this countdown to December 2012, and the Mayan Calendar end. We’ll see, but it’s half the fun of the read. But it can hardly have predicted the remark that will surely stay with Mitt Romney, and if you were adding up bloopers, might even cost him an election. Danny Boyle clearly put black and multi-coloured faces centre stage, at the heart of a globally minded London Olympic opening, a Games for the World, while proudly talking an anglo-saxon heritage too. Perhaps the spirit of Jesse Owens is now Obama’s spiritual running mate.

Since everyone has to do it themselves these weird days, The Godhead Game is now unofficial read of the London Olympics, so go Phoenix Ark Press. To get a copy, before the end of the world, Universe and everything, Click here

Addendum: On the other hand QI pointed out last night that Hitler did not snub Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olymopics, he shook no athletes hands, while FDR did and that the ‘Facist’ salute was not invented by the Nazis, but a mix of ancient Olympians and US School kids! Owens, in racially divided America, received no welcome back at the Whitehouse, and had to enter one reception hotel through the service lifts. There you are, Democrat or Republican, never assume, or live in the easy cliché!

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