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We don’t subscribe to the idea all Republicans are baddies and all Democrats goodies, or visa versa. Though many people vote out of tradition and instinctive prejudice. But with an election looming and Obama and Romney neck and neck, though perhaps TV debates will be crucial, let’s pause to acknowledge failings, or the likes of Brad Pitt talking of disappointment with Obama, but then pause to remember too.

Remember the enormous sigh of relief when a Bush era seemed to have been left behind, even if McCain was holding the Republican banner by 2009. Bush being a President so spectacularly ignorant that the world winced and hurled shoes. That on his re-election, in dubious circumstances in Florida, Americans put up pictures on the Internet saying “Sorry World.” But one whose presidency not only saw the Iraq War, arguable on both sides but almost puerile in its “Mission Accomplished” and Liberation bringing blandishments, but also saw the massive growth of the Military Industrial complex, in the shape of Homeland Security and The NSA, indeed a doubling, and the very dubious operations of companies like Halliburton, so beloved of Dick Cheney. So American business, while people died, was ensured benefits that never got to Iraqis, and even Eisenhower warned of the danger when the military take control.

Then there was, in that “shock capitalism”, Chicago school of economics philosophy, massive deregulation, especially of energy markets, that led straight to Enron and the biggest corporate fraud in US history. That saw energy traders in California turning off power stations so they could rig prices. They are some of the arguments in the thriller The Godhead Game about the Mayan ‘End of the World’, or hopefully new dawn.

So if you buy into Romney ‘the big business leader model’, the hope for jobs and prosperity, be very aware of what individuals or society might again get at the end of the line, especially with the European economy so fragile. Obama has a great deal to do, but out of the shared scandal of massive lending, complex banking fixes and the selling on of Toxic debt in the housing market, the US treasury has made moves to protect individuals and to stimulate the economy, in ways the UK has not, and Obama believes in social and human protections, if Capitol Hill might lock him into the difficulty of getting there. Capitalism of itself can be ruthless and takes no prisoners, but perhaps Americans have to get over ideas, bedded so deep in the experience of the Second and Cold War, that “socialism” cannot have different forms and inspirations and is just a dirty word, rather an enormously important intellectual tradition, for all the horrors of Communism.

Obama has all the hallmarks of a true leader and statesman too, not least his intellectual capacity, even if his own skillful rhetoric might sometimes get the better of him. Fighting that American tendency to isolationism though, or to put up fearful and threatening walls, especially out of the terrible wound of 9/11, he spoke to Muslims of respect and dignity, not fear, but also tracked down Bin Laden. He turned to Putin to press the vital case too of Nuclear Non-Proliferation. His election also represented a sea change out of atavistic prejudice in America, so close to home in the relatively recent experience of the Civil Right’s movement. He is a figure the World can talk to and do business with and America’s hope, not Romney.



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Despite an addendum to the blog on the Romney Olympics remark, below, the reported comment of Romney’s Press Secretary “Kiss my arse” might be very humorous, until you remember that it was the such language to a Forbes Magazine reporter, from an Enron executive, that revealed the kind of arrogance that covered up the true darkness in Enron, and the biggest Corporate fraud in US history.

There is no suggestion here Romney is the bad businessman, like the Enron folk, but how can a serious Presidential candidate allow his people such an attitude and such comments? Bush displayed a notable arrogance or contempt towards the Press, and most politicians have a love-hate relationship with the Media, but at least Bush had ‘earned’ a Presidency. Romney’s camp clearly believe they have the right to rule and when anyone assumes that perhaps you know what you can expect.

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The sporting thriller, The Godhead Game, predicts that Obama will win the US elections, and other events in this countdown to December 2012, and the Mayan Calendar end. We’ll see, but it’s half the fun of the read. But it can hardly have predicted the remark that will surely stay with Mitt Romney, and if you were adding up bloopers, might even cost him an election. Danny Boyle clearly put black and multi-coloured faces centre stage, at the heart of a globally minded London Olympic opening, a Games for the World, while proudly talking an anglo-saxon heritage too. Perhaps the spirit of Jesse Owens is now Obama’s spiritual running mate.

Since everyone has to do it themselves these weird days, The Godhead Game is now unofficial read of the London Olympics, so go Phoenix Ark Press. To get a copy, before the end of the world, Universe and everything, Click here

Addendum: On the other hand QI pointed out last night that Hitler did not snub Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olymopics, he shook no athletes hands, while FDR did and that the ‘Facist’ salute was not invented by the Nazis, but a mix of ancient Olympians and US School kids! Owens, in racially divided America, received no welcome back at the Whitehouse, and had to enter one reception hotel through the service lifts. There you are, Democrat or Republican, never assume, or live in the easy cliché!

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So, the game’s afoot today (quote – Will Shakespeare not Sherlock Holmes), The London Olympics, and not remotely a chance to plug the sporting thriller The Godhead Game, with its kidnapped athletes,Click here. But, as the Torch was held high at the modern Globe in Southwark, a wonderful little article about politics, history and the show of it all, London Struts on The World Stage, appeared in the New York Times by Sergie Lobanov-Rostovsky, Click here, which proves America (not Abrams) has some culture and sense of it all.

This blog has been much caught between London and New York, ‘old’ and ‘new’ worlds, but we make the point in Shakespeare’s Brother, as American academics like James Shapiro, Bloom and Greenblat hold the field and rekindle that interest in Southwark and the time, that perhaps they only need Shakespeare to really interpret it all, especially out of nasty Reformation struggles. Though, if ‘The American Dream’ was, in the founding of the Virginia Lottery, (taken up by all thirteen colonies), after 1612, dreamt up by tempestuous Elizabthans not Arthur Miller, perhaps America, bankers, politicians, the City of London and the entire world are really stuck in the past, 400 hundred years ago. John Harvard came from Southwark too, though we don’t think much of the signature in the Christening record. But Good God, did Mitt Romney really say he could understand the spirit of the Olympics better than Obama because he’s an Anglo-Saxon?! Set Othello’s wrath on him, or, Doh, invite him to the Olympian, Greek foundations of the Games. “Oh brave New World, that hath such people in it!”

But guff to that, for now, and good luck to all those Olympian players and team GB.


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