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Well, there you are. The Huffington Post announces that ‘Working Culture’ is making Britis ‘Sick, stressed and depressedClick here. Meanwhile banking crisis follows banking crisis, as those with their snouts in the trough run off with the cash, but the system affects everyone. Bob Diamond resigns over the Libor fixing and the HSBC is involved in drugs money laundering. Not to mention the corporate scandal of G4S in the Olympics, and David Cameron promising to ‘go after them’. That is a National scandal too, at the moment World attention is turning to London.

Perhaps, as FBI system’s man Danian Fabian gets an email, in the thriller The Godhead Game, inviting him to ‘change his life forever‘, we should all follow suite. Especially connected to systems like the Internet, even blogging, that probably disconnect lives more and more. So a world game begins, involving the Mayan Calendar and the ‘End of the World‘, this year, 2012. If we are all in need of a bit of moral or spiritual renewal, maybe The Godhead Game is another clue. It is available at Amazon.com or Click here

Fire Bringer, US Edition, is also available for FREE download today Click here

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