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But if the Mousettes are both troubled and noisy, and Victor is obsessed with practicalities, our stuttering hero Bobolan simply must go on dreaming…


Dreams, we’re all made of dreams
Or so it seems.
Dreams, we’re all in a dream
What can dreams mean?
I dreamt last night
While I wandered the moon
That her snout was made of cheese.
And I dreamt the earth
As I dozed in my room
Was rich with kindness and ease.
Dreams, we’re just made of dreams
Or so it seems.
Dreams, we’re all in a dream
What can dreams mean?
I dreamt one day that I’d walk like a King
And climb on a marvellous throne
Then love a girl on a beautiful swing
With her I’m never alone.
Oh Dreams, we’re all made of dreams
Or so it seems.
Dreams, we’re all in a dream
What can dreams mean?

(Bobolan’s head almost explodes as he looks around the theatre)

Dreams, we’re all need our dreams
Like bright sunbeams.
Bright, that’s how you should dream
The brightest dream.
To take you far from the dark and fear
To a world where all is light
Where all our loves are so happy and near
And no one fears the night.
Dreams, that’s just what they seem
They’re bright sunbeams.
Dream a beautiful dream
That’s what I mean.
For nothing’s as bright as a dream
There’s nothing as bright as a dream…

(Return of Moliere’s Company to the old Paris theatre)


Royal Academy of Music workshop of Mr Moliere’s Mouse (aka Cheese). Story, book and lyrics by David Clement-Davies, music by Michael Jeffrey. Phoenix Ark Press 2014. All rights reserved.

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In Cheese, or Les Mouserables, ENTER THE FAMILY MOUSETTE!

So, ignoring whether the 12 days of Christmas run up to Christmas day, or Twelfth Night, and in a Dickensian spirit of ‘carolling’, a little more of the musical Mr Moliere’s Mouse (Cheese).  Set in Pre Revolutionary Paris it is about the Old Paris Theatre, where a family of mice live below the stage. Our hero, the stuttering Bobolan, who dreams of being an actor, his father Victor, a tailor, uncle Hugo, who wants to be a writer, Victor’s frantic Spanish wife Maria, and the children, Pierre, Collette and Marie Antoinette. Facing Scarapino and the rat’s invasion of the Theatre, and a host of woes, including having to finish Scarapina’s dress, but in the spirit of Pierre wanting to join the army, they sing!

LYRICS – “When you’re really in a hole” – The Mousette’s Anthem

When you’re really in a hole
When you’re down, just like a mole
Draw your sword from out its sheath
Raise your head from underneath
And Mouse the barricades!

When you’re starving, for a crust
When your tail, drags through the dust
Draw your sword from out its sheath
Push your snout from underneath
And Mouse the Barricades!

Twitching, stitching,
Writing, fighting
Looking for some cheese
Flirting, skirting
Often hurting, life is never ease

Forever on the go
Clothes I have to sew!
Just the job
To lead us on to fame.
Oh my god,
Please take me back to Spain!


I’m a donya, a Mouse with class
Whose pride you should not shame
Now I’m always slaving, my family’s raving
Just send me/her back to Spain!

When the Mousettes sing a song
Then the sorrow’s never long
Lift your chin and flash a smile
Find a husband with a pile
And Mouse the Barricades!

Peeking, sneeking
Dreaming, scheming
Dodging Paris cats!
Prancing, dancing
Always chancing,
Waiting for the rats

Forever on the make
(Victor – ‘I’m sewing’!)
Cakes I have to bake!
(Maria – ‘I’m going!’)
Just the job, to lead us on to fame
Oh my God, please take us back to Spain!

We work and slave, just to earn some cheese
But soldiers, we’re singing, a stirring reprise
We toil and chore, just to meet our debts
A family, together, the brave Mousettes!


When your dresses, are in rags
And your sisters, look like hags!
Thread the needle, start to stitch
Dream you’re happy, loved and rich
And Mouse the Barricades!

I’m a Tailor, A Mouse of threads
A King of bows and braids
Now I’m always sewing, my clothes are growing
So Mouse the Barricades!

When you’re really in a hole
When you’re down, just like a mole
Draw your swords from out their sheaths
Stand up straight, not on yours knees
And Mouse the Barricades,
And Mouse the Barricades!

Story, book and lyrics by David Clement-Davies, music by Michael Jeffrey, Phoenix Ark Press 2014. All rights reserved.

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I tell you what, this Mr Moliere’s Mouse thing may be a work of incandescent genius, but what it needs is a bit more bite! So to go inside the old Paris theatre and meet the villains of the piece, lording it up in their balconies, Scarapino, his lady love Scarapina, having her beautiful birthday dress made by Bobolan’s tailoring father Victor, and the rats. Their theme song is very Kurt Weil!

LYRICS – Song of the Rats

Teeth, teeth, as yellow as bile
Ready for work, both mean and vile
Stand on guard at the theatre door
Greet the leader with an ea-ea-ea-ea-ger paw

Kings of crime, Lords of vice
Making slaves of the stupid mice,
Stay awake, don’t take a nap
There’s nothing as strong as a dir-ir-ir-ty rat

Teeth, teeth, as yellow as bile
Ready for work, both mean and vile
Stand on guard at the theatre door
Greet the leader with an ea-ea-ea-ea-ger paw

Spreading hate, loving rage
Always there, to hog the stage
On the move, can’t sit still
The rats bring the teeth that will make mice ill!

Teeth, teeth as yellow as bile
Ready for work both mean and vile…

Enter Scarapina and Scarapino, talking of his Lady wife’s tail…

From Mr Moliere’s Mouse (aka Cheese) by David Clement-Davies and Michael Jeffrey, Copyright Phoenix Ark Press 2014. All rights strictly reserved.

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For a bit of a laugh and to say Happy Christmas and New Year to Pietrasanta and one and all, the opening of the Musical Cheese (AKA Mr Moliere’s Mouse) workshopped all those years ago at The Royal Academy of Music in London.  ‘N as the man says, God Bless Us Every One!


Where is this and what are we
Wondering what our fate will be?
Marching bravely through the light and shadows,
Paris raises alters and a gallows
Seeking our destiny
Bondage or liberty

Waiting gaily till they serve our supper
Slaving daily for our bread and butter
Yearning for a thrill
Learning how to kill

Look – we’re called the mob
That’s our job!

Have you known such poverty
Can they want equality?!
Sewing clothes that cover toff or peasant
Making, baking, plucking scrawny pheasant,
Theatres, for you to see
Prisons, won’t set us free

Come join us
Come out and join us – The People

Finding roles that we can make our mark in
Paris street girls love to strike a bargain!
Fighting, for a slice
Gambling, with the dice
Dear, they’re such a mob,
That’s our job!

Death is never far away
And fear is just the price we pay
So tell me, where’s my bread,
I need to ply a trade
And so I’ll fight, not be afraid
This I say

Drinking lovely grog
Scoffing, snails and frog,
Hear that noisy mob,
Spare a bob!

(The Mob speak)

Hope is waiting round the bend
A hope that never, ever ends
So show me to his bed
I ache to know the way
And live to love another day
Thus I pray

(The Church Doctors and Nobles speak)

Love is what we need to feel
A love as deep as it is real
Oh help us on our way
And take me by the hand
Together we can understand
Hand in hand

(Nothing more!)


Where is this and who are we
Do we want fraternity?
Raising houses, filled with hope and sadness
Paris brings us joy or lonely madness
Bitter, our life can be
Life’s not – quite up to me!
Scrambling up from filth and utter squalor
Even Priests can wear a dirty collar

Come be us
Your heart beats through us – in Paris

Love is what we need to feel
A love as deep as it is real
So help us on our way
And take me by the hand
Together we can understand
Hand in hand

Living in the drains
Stinking, for our pains
Strolling through the park
Loving, in the dark
Fighting, for the King
Freedom, that’s the thing!
Jostling, in the crowd
Testing – what’s allowed
There, we’re quite a Mob
Just the job!

Enter Mr Moliere!

Copyright David Clement-Davies, Story, Book and lyrics and Michael Jeffrey, Music, Phoenix Ark Press 2014. All rights reserved.


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Well, dears, I can’t help it if nobody listens, but as Bobolan watches and dreams of the theatre and being an actor, so comes the return of the great Monsieur Moliere himself! Of course, longing to be a great tragedian, he was always better at comedy, but right now he is in great singing voice….

LYRICS – Mr Moliere’s Song

Some build ships, others fight
Some make pots of clay,
But since I was a boy I’ve longed to write,
To pen a marvellous play.
Some bake cakes, others sew,
Some just watch the sky,
But since I was lad, I’ve planned the show
To make you laugh and cry.

Look who’s back here in Paris
Just the name you should know
Life’s a marvel in Paris,
We’re hungry for a show.

Some stay young, others age
Some just turn to drink
But all I ever need is an open stage
And paper, pen and ink.

I’ve held a hope so long
So fast I’ve run
From what they told me once I’d be
I know their words were wrong
No place I’m me –
Except among the ones who need a show.

I’ve had a dream so long
And though it’s fun
So many tried to hold and bind
But if I let them go
I think you’ll find
That nothing matters now but when we show
Our show.

Look who’s back here in Paris
Just the name you should know
Life’s a marvel in Paris
So welcome to the show.

Some drink wine, others gin
Some just like their facts,
But since I was a nip, I’ve longed to sing
In a show with seventeen acts.

Some bend rules, others bribe
Some must have their say,
But since I was a babe, I’ve ached to scribe
To write a fabulous play.

And since he was a babe, he’s ached to scribe
To write a fabulous play.


For though my heart still longs
So far I’ve come
From all the ones I’ve left behind
That while their faces stay,
I know they’ve gone
And nothing matters now but what’s to show,
What’s to show?

Some want war, others peace,
Some like Human Rights,
But since I was a boy, I’ve loved the grease
And the dance of flickering lights.
Some are happy, others cracked,
Some think life unfair,
But nothing is as grand, when you want to act
As the plays of Moliere
As a play by Moliere.


Story, book and Lyrics by David Clement-Davies, Music by Michael Jeffrey, 2014 Phoenix Ark Press. All rights strictly reserved.

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Hello, in fact it’s called Mr Moliere’s Mouse (aka CHEESE or Les Mouserables!), written my David Clement-Davies and Michael Jeffrey and work shopped at The Royal Academy of Music in London. It’s about a family of mice who live under the stage of the old Paris Theatre, the Mousettes, and especially the youngest and bravest, our hero – Bobolan. Poor Bobolan has absurdly long ears he keeps tripping over and is teased mercilessly because of his terrible stutter. But who, while trying to avoid the rats led by the vicious Scarapino, high in the balconies, goes on dreaming of one day becoming a great actor. Just like the celebrated playwright Jean Baptiste Moliere, who returns one day to woo the whole of Paris with his genius. Never give up on your dreams!!!

This song is about Bobolan’s meeting with the pretty Colette, as the Mousettes flee down into the terrible Paris sewers – So the all important bit happens, falling in love, as they sing the duet ‘Now I know his face…“. Though the recording is scratchy, the young performers at the Royal Academy were wonderful and this is in honour of them and the young talent who have helped Phoenix Ark Press.

To return to the right place in the story too JUST CLICK HERE


What’s this, what’s this feeling,
Tell me, am I dreaming dreams?
Now I know his face
Now I’ve seen that smile
How my heart is racing
Shall I stay a while?

Now I’ve touched his hand
Now I’ve heard his voice
Is this understanding
That I have no choice?
No choice – but to love him, no choice – but to care
Is it true I love him, now I know he’s there?

Tell me, show me, is this love – that I feel?
Show me, tell me, can this be real?
Tell me, show me, is it wrong, is it right,
Am I feeling – love at first sight?
What’s this, such a feeling
Pinch me, am I dreaming – dreams?

Now I’ve seen that face
Like the summer skies
How my soul is pacing
Will he realize?

And how shall I love him
How should I care
Should I simply miss him
Till he’s standing there?
Tell me, show me, is this love – that I feel?
Help me, tell me, can this be real?
Tell me, show me, is it wrong, is it right,
Am I feeling, love at first sight?

Now I’ve seen his face
Now I love those eyes
This is understanding
That I’ve found the prize.

What’s this,
What’s this feeling?
Tell me,
Am I dreaming – dreams?

So Bobolan, lost in the sewers, further from the theatre, turns and sings of his love for Collette too. (The song is just over 5 and not 7 minutes)

Copyright Clement-Davies and Jeffrey 2014, Phoenix Ark Press. Story, book and lyrics by David Clement-Davies, Music by Michael Jeffrey. Unathorised redistribution of this work in any other form is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

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May 17, 2014 · 1:21 pm


The one thing I hope you can trust about this blog and tiny publisher is the story is true and also happening now. I have said in a Kickstarter film for Dragon In The Post that I want to make this place ‘Your publisher‘. But what exactly does that mean?! It means that I haven’t stopped listening to people’s stories, even while going on too much about my own, and so I hope this site has a human face. It also means that I was very inspired by the warmth and support that has come from my own readers in all this.

But what has happened is that in the frustration of trying to make something work, amid all the noise, I have had some very acute bits of advice and wonderful offers of support too. Like what exactly is Phoenix Ark Press, from J, or any mission here? So I have re-written a Mission Statement above, pointing out I need first to protect my own work, stories and career again, if I am to do anything else. That will change and evolve itself, just as I put the idea of building in some charity element, but it was rejected at Kickstarter. But if it works, if you and I can really open a door, the idea in future is to go grass-roots, and to cross support writing, journalism and art among other creative people, with crowd funded projects. So I would have to become some kind of lightning conductor to that energy and passion. Let’s start a fire and burn down the Social Media house, or at least make it ours again!

In that vein, and because Y for instance has just so kindly offered her own artwork at Deviant Art to help, it’s time to throw the doors wide open, to you, amateur and professional, younger and older! It means possibly helping to redesign this website, to put up new artwork here, to redesign e-book covers and much more. At Kickstarter it means either Backing and/or spreading the word. At first I am afraid the reward, apart from rewards if we hit project targets, is an outlet for you, a chance to work with me, I hope something for your CV. But if we fly, we will see in the future. Would you like to do new e-book covers for Fire bringer, The Sight or Michelangelo’s Mouse? Here is your chance. Would you like to write articles here, on subjects that matter, with my help? I have a lot of journalistic experience. Would you like to learn marketing, at a grass-roots level, or re-design the face of Phoenix Ark Press itself? At every level then that message on the book of the animation for Dragon In The Post needs to become true: “Join the story, become part of the adventure.”

With 23 days to go but now at 30% you can join that story right now, by writing to me here and by BACKING DRAGON IN THE POST


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It really is a scandal. Are readers here just a bunch of inveterate scumbags who have no honour and what or who do you actually care about, apart from getting something for free? I exclude the passionate friends and readers helping and backing two Kickstarter projects. But the fact is that when I ran a Free books promotions to support the Light of The White Bear project, with the generosity and passion I have always given here in poetry, essays and ideas at Phoenix, OVER 7000 COPIES OF THE SIGHT, FELL AND THE CO-EDITION were downloaded from Amazon! Delighted that those books and stories live and circulate, but I asked you to give back too, to support a Kickstarter project, with whatever you could afford and hardly saw the Back This Project button being pressed or the stats shooting up! The value of those books, in fact donating just 99p per book, could well have taken Light of The White Bear into the black and made a publishing kickstarter project succeed. I am angry for my backers too.

Is that how you live, how you find your pride, in our something-for-nothing world and do you care about how authors survive or work? I have told you about a monumental publishing battle, about being betrayed by an editor I loved in New York, and a so called best friend in London too, that struck at all the values in my stories. I have told you about fighting back, resisting an attack on free speech, held in the chains of contracts in New York, and even fighting proven perjury in the New York Supreme Court last year. But how do you respond, you lurk about loving only the sad story and then pounce in to get your free goodies and return nothing but you own lack of shame! It may be coming from word of mouth around Amazon, it may be those semi-criminal pirate elements who hope to profit, in our awful internet culture, but is the same culture of greed and opportunism that will swallow the planet and cares about little. Well, since my anger is now like a flame, YOU might start feeling a little ashamed, good readers, do something real for a change and come in and support DRAGON IN THE POST now and writers and artists at Kickstarter too by GOING THERE AND BACKING THE PROJECT

David Clement-Davies



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Hello all! Well, nothing quite so melodramatic as planet saving, but just 30 days to pledge to a new project on Kickstarter and help an author publish the newly named Light of The White Bear, that certainly has very strong environmental themes.

It’s the book that has been held up so long, by people-killing publishers in New York City, but which now tests a Kickstarter model that has just reached 1 Billion in Pledges on the Internet! What’s great too is that in one sense it’s risk free, because, if you pledge and it doesn’t hit the investment target of 6k, you spend nothing at all. Meanwhile the smallest pledges are little more than what it would cost to buy the book anyway, which you will get on publication, signed too. There are several other types of pledges possible.

Readers and fans here have been an inspiration, and suggested such things as crowd funding before, but if you don’t want to get involved by pledging, or can’t afford to, it would be really fantastic if you could just alert friends and readers to this website and Kickstarter too, via blogging, emails, twitter, Facebook and Social Media, right after you’ve read this, if possible. 30 emails to friends, or even three, could make a big difference! Folk can even see an awful video of my ugly mug on camera.

But that 30 count down clock is ticking now, which could of course prove a little embarrassing(!), so thank you everyone for all your support. This might even be fun!

To link to kickstarter CLICK HERE

David Clement-Davies – Phoenix Ark Press

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With so much in the press about American might in tracking down whistle blowers or so called traitors, like Edward Snowden, but when apparently open and free societies also need to raise a constant eyebrow to what their Governments do in their name, (like the use of drones in push-button warfare), what happens when a prominent branch of the US Government, the New York legislature, conspicuously fails to act in the interest of truth, law and its own rules too?

Like an appeal statement sent to the New York Supreme court this year, Phoenix Ark Press openly accuses Justice Cynthia Kern, of Motion Part 55 at The Supreme Court in New York, of corruption then, in her siding so automatically and so lazily too with licensed New York attorneys, at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and Fox Rothschild, without assessing either evidence or merit, or at the very least of legal incompetence. Supposedly, if Phoenix Ark Press are in the wrong, we should be obliged to remove this article, apologise or pay a penalty, and if the Courts simply fail to act, or the named attorney does, Edward Davis, it simply proves growing abuses of power and responsibility, and that both Cynthia Kern and Mr Davis have a telling lack of concern for their own reputations too. This article has been sent both to the opposing attorneys involved and to the appropriate clerks of the Court at the US Supreme Court in New York, so ignoring it will also speak for itself.

But if an increasingly paranoid US want to use all that frightening muscle against individuals like Snowden, perhaps they might use it to uphold the principles on which their own Constitution is based too, to protect people’s rights, or fundamental tenates of process and Common law too, taken from an ancient British system. The case in question was treated oddly from the start though, perhaps because of slightly unconventional attempts to speak to the court from London, denied despite CPLR 40 day hearing rules, then seeing it moved from Justice Shulman’s chambers to Cynthia Kern’s, under a sudden Order for Recusal. Not only was no explanation given, as open hearing was denied, but it flew in the face of Justice Shulman’s very appealing promise on his website that he wanted litigants to leave the system feeling that justice had been attempted on both sides. That is indeed one of the purposes of the system itself, but in this case it has been completely and glaring thwarted.

The nub of the matter though is that Cynthia Kern has openly ignored a proven case of perjury, by Edward Davis, lead attorney at Davis, Wright Tremaine LLP in New York, who denied knowledge of specific events in a case this year, in a sworn affirmation before the New York Supreme Court, carrying potentially very severe penalties, but directly contradicted by an evidenced email between himself and the litigant involved, David Clement-Davies. Edward Davis’ was an open lie, and so obviously made to obscure the entire approach his firm so dishonestly took, at which point David Clement-Davies advised him that he could no longer represent his clients and he seemed to withdraw in favour of the firm Fox Rothschild and attorney John Wait. John Wait then put pressure for Mr Clement-Davies to withdraw a Motion for Summary Judgement, under incorrect Case Law, purely because he wanted to suppress evidence before the court that itself drove a hole through their own claims about how events unfolded and how ‘agreements’ had been made. All this was openly presented in argument and evidence before the court, but Mr Clement-Davies doubts Cynthia Kern even bothered to read his memoranda, because she simply could not have done and let that happen. Perhaps proven perjury is not even suggestive to Justice Kern, as a Pro Se also argued that engaging two highly promiminent law firms was indicactive of the truth of his accusations?

It is the thin end of the wedge though when Justice Cynthia Kern also ignored, in the slightest four page judgement handed down this year, both the implications of provided Case Law about such an action, which itself does not allow dismissal on form alone, as this case was dismissed, and when leniency on form was also demanded under New York Human rights laws and The 2005 Restoration Act, and also ignored the Courts’ established duty to actively seek cause on behalf of a plaintiff in any Motion to Dismiss. Perhaps it is what happens when legal secretaries get a taste of power, or when a litigant is trying to fight from London, with no resources. David Clement-Davies never presumed he was necessarily right in all the arguments he put forward, in a possibly over-long and complex Complaint, but to have them all simply ignored, and with an open fraud on the court in supposed evidence provided by the other side, and when the opposition bent over backwards to try and answer a Complaint that they simultaneously claimed they did not even understand, is a legal farce. So his case was dismissed on CPLR rules, opposing attorneys were also out of time on under those very rules, yet Cynthia Kern’s judgement is an open license for legalised perjury and so makes a mockery of all those rules.

There have also been many articles about how Pro Se (self-representing) litigants do not have a hope in the US system too, with only 8% achieving success, and perhaps some of it is indeed half mad or crying in the wilderness, but when perjury has been so clearly highlighted, and proved, which itself exposed the utterly cynical technique that two prominent New York law firms used in denying events that they and New York Publisher, Harry N Abrams, know absolutely about, where on earth do you go? David had everything taken away by his own American publisher, including the most basic defences of the First amendment, apparently so important in America, and at a supposedly respectable New York publisher too, that produces all those jolly stories like The Sisters Grimm series and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But Abrams are one publisher who have some very ‘adult’ techniques in abusing their own authors and, in a sense, the pretty stories they peddle to the public. Truth became far stranger than fiction in this case, but the only principle involved there was editors acting dishonestly behind the scenes in their own career interests alone and expressing their own fears of the public eye, or of standing up to tell the truth. It is perhaps best expressed in editor Susan Van Metre’s remark long ago that the only thing she had learnt in life, if anything, was keeping her mouth shut, as she tried to intimidate her own author of years standing, but when it happens to be the duty of their contracted authors to open their mouths, certainly in valuable fiction and sometimes in fact.

Yet, perhaps because David is pro se, a British citizen, and with rather a strong instinct for trying to tell the whole truth, difficult as that is in this case, that covered events lasting years, and both fact and fiction, one of the highest courts in America can ride roughshod over the most basic principles that uphold any free society, like not allowing licensed lawyers to build their cases on open perjury. When that happens there is no real standard or law, just influence, money and supposed credibility too, that so often counts against the pro se and the perhaps foreigner too. David fought his publisher on principle for years and at enormous cost, before turning to the courts, that involved a scandal around former Abrams publisher Howard Reeves, new Vice President Susan Van Metre, who took his job out of it all, senior editor Tamar Brazis and the President of the company, Michael Jacobs, who removed Howard Reeves as Vice President, ostensibly for the way he had behaved already, yet simultaneously destroyed contract principles, the most basic editorial duties and Mr Clement-Davies’s US career and livelihood, involving five novels. Then David fought off a scurrilous attack by the UK Law Firm Manches, on principles of privacy that had been so abused across the Atlantic by his partner of two years and his own editor too.

If you doubt the veracity of anything being said, just ask yourself why Phoenix Ark is still functioning? Why is it too that such things can be said of individuals at Abrams and yet their not acting legally to clear their names, as they kept threatening to. Phoenix welcome a real investigation, as much as any honest or fair ‘Judgement’ by a court of law, but both Abrams and one wing of government cannot legally act against Phoenix Ark, because legally they are in the wrong, at least at one glaring level. On the other hand, sometimes you wonder how interested America is in law, truth or individuals, let alone literature! What you have just read though are simply statements of bald fact, and when a person cannot afford to pursue an appeal in the US, at least you can go on trying to tell some kind of truth truth and leave it on the record. Even if it might well encourage you to side with Wikileaks, or move to an even worse place, like Moscow.


The photo is a Wikepedia image of the New York Supreme Court building on Centre Street, Manhattan.

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